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State-of-the-art facilities

We’ve got state-of-the-art facilities to deliver a range of courses.

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Artificial Training Street

Providing training in emergency response to gas incidents, as well as excavation safety, cable avoidance, sewer jetting and confined space entry.

Courses We Deliver At York

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Easy to locate

Develop’s York Centre is just a 25 minute drive off of the A1(M) and 25 minutes from the train station!

York Training Centre Overview


Our York Centre underwent a £500k refurbishment in May 2023, setting the stage for a new chapter of training excellence. This refurbishment included several updates to two fixed-learning classrooms, a hybrid centre catering for alternative energies, two HV workshops and an LV workshop. These workshops offer a number of Develop’s courses, including those relevant to confined spaces, gas distribution, health and safety, healthcare estates and water systems.

Training Terrace

To complement the refurbished facility, Develop also constructed a £500k state-of-the-art, fully to-scale, artificial street called Training Terrace. This purpose-built street stands adjacent to the York training centre, offering a realistic and fully to-scale environment for our training programmes.

Training Terrace looks and appears as a regular street would, consisting of houses, apartments, and a café, but each area has been specifically designed for training purposes. This allows Develop to deliver courses in emergency response to gas incidents, as well as excavation safety, cable avoidance, street lighting, drains, sewer jetting and confined spaces entry.

The one-of-a-kind facility allows delegates to immerse themselves in a realistic environment, making the training and assessments as authentic and true-to-life as possible. It also provides a risk-free learning space that allows delegates to learn from any mistakes made during training without adverse consequences.

Delegates leave Develop confident in their ability to use their knowledge in the real life scenarios they face each day.

Opening Event

The opening event took place on 24th May at the Huby-based centre and involved a day of celebrations marked by an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Guests were also given tours of the centre’s newly refurbished facilities and Training Terrace.

Find us

Develop Training, Tollerton Road, Huby, York, YO61 1JB

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Tel: 01347 825528

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Take a walk through Develop’s York training centre

Training Centre Facilities

These three bungalows are designed to simulate the environment a delegate would likely face in their day-to-day jobs. Featuring soft furnishings, kitchen facilities, gas and water pipework, gas boiler and much more, these houses are as realistic a training environment as you can get.

The road that runs through the centre of Training Terrace can be used for Street Works (NRSWA) training courses, as well as Water Jetting and much more. It has even been used by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to practice their response to a multi-casualty scene.

The Utili-teas Cafe provides a breakout area for delegates to recharge in between training sessions.

Our Confined Space Unit is fitted with facilities to meet the requirements of CABWI and City and Guilds.

Our range of confined spaces training covers all aspects of the working environment for those in Authorised Person and Competent Person positions, including an introduction into confined spaces, working within them, supervising others, managing safe systems of work, and emergency rescue and recovery. 

Learn more about the confined space courses we offer here.

The street has a specially designed area for delegates to safely carry out utility deep excavation training. This is ideal for employees expected to carry out the associated tasks related to timber, steel and proprietary support systems as well as those who are required to identify, detect and mark utility services prior to excavating.

A large number of clean and modern classrooms are the perfect environment for theoretical, classroom-based learning.

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York Centre Refurbishment

In October 2022 Develop’s Centre was cleared as the builders completed the preparations and began to move in

October 2022

In November, the work of the classrooms and workshops was in full swing!

November 2022

Also in November, the preparations for the build of the artificial street took place.

November 2022

In December, Training Terrace began to take shape.

December 2022

Throughout January and February the work was being done and in March the finishing touches were added.

March 2023

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