Interserve Electrical training

Interserve is one of the world’s foremost support services and construction companies, with a vision to redefine the future for people and places.

In particular the company has operated within the Facilities Management Industry for over 20 years with some of its core clients including the BBC, B&Q and London Underground.

Interserve has been a key client of Develop Training for a number of years, where the company has supported them with their Facilities Management Training requirements.

Electrical training for Interserve employees

Interserve approached Develop Training around February 2015, following the launch of 17th Edition Amendment 3, the latest update to the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Interserve was looking for a provider to get 100+ electrical employees, operating across BBC sites, up to speed with the changes before the 1st July 2015 deadline.

As well as the short time frame to plan in and deliver training for all engineers, Interserve also had the added pressure of ensuring all trainers had the excellent capabilities and credentials required to deliver this crucial training, to the required standard.

Solution & business benefits delivered

Develop Training was chosen to deliver this training for Interserve because of the high quality of service provided, including the trainers, the courses and administration.

Develop Trainings electrical expert worked with Interserve to schedule in training dates to their desired specification and locations. All dates for the one day Amendment 3 course were scheduled for the client within 24 hours, with delivery commencing throughout June 2015.

The 17th Edition Amendment 3 course was introduced by Develop Training to help keep their clients compliant, at all times. The course also accompanies a full range of electrical courses including the full 17th Edition Wiring Regulations course for less experienced engineers.

As a result of the training, all electrical engineers working for the BBC have a greater understanding of the amendment 3 changes and are able to operate in accordance with the legislation.

Interserve were extremely impressed with Develop Training’s quick response to their training need and the delivery of the training itself. The client praised the trainers who visited the sites prior to the course and ensured excellent delivery.

As a result of this excellent experience, Interserve has referred Develop Training to other sites for different types of training from Gas Foundation to Driver Awareness.

Professional accreditations