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Develop Training’s innovative talent development programme, Emerge & Evolve, seeks to address the recruitment issues facing training organisations’ in the utilities, construction, building services and estates & facilities management sectors.

Candidates can access the programme through two distinct pathways:

Training those currently working ‘hand’s on’ in the sector to become the trainers of the future and pass on their invaluable skills to help inspire and educate the next generation.


Develop’s new Training Academy will seek to recruit the best talent from industry, developing them in a unique way.

The programme is tailored to individuals’ needs dependant on their starting point, with the aim of developing a new pool of high quality talent.

Key milestones:

  • Formal training and qualifications:
    • TAQA3
    • Award in Education and Training
    • Associate route – self funded and reimbursed if/when onboarded
  • Shadow/complete Develop’s internal technical courses
  • Mentorship programme from highly experienced trainers and quality assurance auditors
  • Opportunities for onboarding, consultancy, and permanent roles
  • Support to register for self-employed status if required
Upskilling and designing a personalised pathway to retain the best of the best of those already training within the industry.


For new starters (i.e. self-employed associates or Develop FTE trainers), this is a development programme run during the induction and probation period. It is individualised for each trainer, dependant on their starting point.

Key features:

  • Brand new Develop induction programme
  • New process for gathering, storing and sharing qualifications and documentation
  • Detailed development plan and targets set, reviewed formally at 3 and 6 month stages
  • Dedicated programme mentor assigned to support/coach through 6 month period
  • Inter-team shadowing to share best practice

For all current trainers, a bespoke up-skilling programme will include:

  • Externally delivered training and coaching programme
  • Externally delivered mentoring and coaching programme to support Senior Trainers
  • Additional CPD modules
  • Two scheduled INSET days per year to target recurring themes/issues and sharing best practice

How to apply

Simply email your CV and a short covering note to our recruitment team: emerge@developtraining.co.uk

Alternatively you can give us a call on 0800 876 6708.

Employee feedback

Although we only launched our recruitment drive in mid-2023, we already have a number of employees on the Emerge & Evolve programme.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

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