Expert guidance in a challenging environment: confined space training

   27 July 2023         News

Led by seasoned trainer, Joe Cheatle, earlier this week a group of delegates embarked on a Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training course at our newly refurbished York centre.

As part of the practical element of the course, each individual was lowered into the confined space unit by the ‘top man’. They then went on to navigate their way through a series of tunnels and shafts until a mock emergency gas leak scenario was simulated, during which they had to work together as a team to effectively manage the situation and safely remove themselves from the facility.

Under Joe’s expert guidance, all of the delegates remained calm under pressure and implemented appropriate safety measures during this particular exercise. Other elements covered during the course included safe entry, emergency procedures and escapes using breathing apparatus.

CABWI-accredited confined spaces qualification

Upon successful completion of this CABWI accredited Level 2 qualification, delegates can expect to go on to achieve qualifications for high risk confined spaces, and/or supervision or management of confined space entry.

What is classed as a confined space?

Any room or enclosed area can be classified as a confined space. You could already be working in or managing a number of roles, for example:

• Underground engineer
• Water distribution/Sewerage process operator
• Water jetter
• Water/Wastewater treatment plant operator
• Boiler/plant room maintenance

Confined spaces pose unique challenges in a wide variety of industries, demanding specialised skills and the utmost precaution. Working in a confined space is dangerous because of the risks from noxious fumes, reduced oxygen levels, risk of fire or even dangers such as drowning and asphyxiation from dust.

A risk-free confined space learning environment

At all our training centres, safety remains our top priority, and our new training facilities at York adhere to the highest industry standards. That’s why, as part of our brand new, fully to-scale artificial street, Training Terrace, we’ve created a confined spaces environment that enables delegates to confront challenges head-on, whilst in a risk-free learning environment.

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