Incidents involving unsafe gas works make the headlines

   16 August 2023         News

Incidents involving poor or unsafe gas work continue to be a recurring problem across the UK, and one that should be a concern for all personal and commercial property owners.

The latest incident involves a self-employed plumber who carried out unsafe gas work in Hampshire and pretended to be Gas Safe registered.

Ben Craig Siddle, trading as BCS Gas and Plumbing, worked on numerous homes in Hampshire in 2021 and 2022 even though he was not a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Mr Siddle, 24, falsely represented himself as a Gas Safe registered engineer to customers and did not carry out the work to appropriate standards, leaving residents at risk from unsafe gas appliances.

He left two of the properties he worked on in an unsafe condition.

Gas Safe registered engineers were later required to correct and repair installations Mr Siddle had carried out at these properties. At one property on East Cosham Road, Portsmouth, the boiler and flue Mr Siddle installed were deemed immediately dangerous. A boiler Mr Siddle installed at another property on Howard Road, Portsmouth, was classed as at risk. (Source:

Gas Safe training is paramount

Poor workmanship could result in a life-threatening situation where appliances have actually been made dangerous by the illegal fitter, causing risk of explosion and/or of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

This alarming news serves as a stark reminder to businesses and home-owners that it is vital to ensure you are checking the gas safe register before hiring a contractor.

Develop Training’s ACS gas training courses are NICEIC accredited, allowing the individual and/or employer to apply for Gas Safe Registration following successful completion of the training.

It is vital that anyone involved in gas works has up to date knowledge of the latest legislation and working practices, and is Gas Safe Registered.

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