International Women’s Day 2023

   08 March 2023         Blogs

Develop Training celebrates International Women’s Day 2023 (March 8th).

With International Women’s Day marking a momentous day for women around the globe, it made the perfect occasion for us at Develop Training to discuss the unique situation for women in our industry, and how we have been engineering and delivering an essential solution to the challenges they face.

Inside the most substantial recent report on women in the energy and utilities sectors back in 2020, the Energy and Utilities Skills partnership found there was, though small, an integral growth recorded in the number of women in positions such as managers, directors, and senior officials in the utilities industry.

With a forecasted 28,000 vacancies for 2020-2029 senior leadership jobs in the sector, we believe that our trusted role as a career launchpad at Develop Training puts us in a position to make sure those vacancies are filled by the hardworking women who deserve them. Figures show that women predominately take up secretarial and administrator roles within the sector, but this is a figure we believe is destined to change.

It’s key to understand that the most substantial growth in the sector for 2020, recorded separately by POWERful Women, was not only in senior positions, but those at the very top. In fact, the number of women holding executive board seats in the energy sector more than doubled in the year since they last recorded their findings (2019).

The reality, though, is that this number only corresponded to 25 more women in those seats. So, we ask ourselves, what can be done to add some welcome digits onto that number?

The answer we’ve come up with here is our ground-breaking Women in Utilities programme. Running every year since 2020, the programme rapidly accelerates the careers of women in the utility industry by providing them with expert help and guidance in order to open up new pathways toward senior leadership roles.

In Spring 2022, the Womens Utilities Network commissioned an extensive survey to understand the perspective of women in the utility sector. Two of the fundamental things they found in this report was that women felt ‘organisations needed more inclusive hiring and development processes’, and that ‘more networking and support was needed for women working in the sector’.

Ultimately, these are the key tenants of our Women in Utilities programme. By staying true to our underpinning goals of empowerment, advocacy, mentoring and development, we have been able to run an advanced programme of training, networking, and mentoring for women in the utility industry valued at up to £15K – all at no cost to the participant.

To view what some of the most recent cohort had to say about the programme, click here.

Women in Utilities will return later this year. To find out more, or to register your interest, please contact us.

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