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Feedback received from our learners

Find out how our learners rated their training experience with Develop and discover their thoughts on the training coverage, facilities and trainer expertise.

Delivering Return on Investment (ROI) is one of our most important considerations, our evaluation questions focus on ROI to measure perception and reinforce the value of training to all.

Positive perceptions of training

Learners who "agree or strongly agree" with the statement Learners
Would recommend Develop Training to a friend or colleague 98.9%
Rated their overall training highly 96.9%
The training has improved the range of skills I have to fulfil my responsibilities at work 95.9%
My confidence to undertake tasks and responsibilities at work has improved as a result of the training 92.6%
The training has improved my ability to work safely 89.0%
My overall contribution at work will improve as a result of the training 89.1%
I have a greater understanding of the behaviours required to use my new skills effectively in my work 89.9%
As a result of the training I will assess risks associated with my work more carefully in the future 88.1%
I believe I can make a greater contribution to the aims and objectives of my employer 85.5%

In respect of our trainers

Scoring "Good or Excellent" for the question Learners
How good was the trainers knowledge of the subject? 92.4%
How well did the trainer support people on the course? 98.6%
How good were the trainer's presentation skills? 98.5%

We also conduct post course telephone surveys around 60-90 days after a course is completed, to test perceptions after the learner returns to the workplace.

Said "Yes" to the question Learners
Did the training improve your ability to work safely? 89.2%
Do you assess risks more carefully in the workplace? 82.3%
Has your confidence to undertake your job improved? 81.2%

See below for comments from some of our learners...

"Develop Training Ltd have supported Morrison Utility Services in training and developing our people in the key skills required for the utility industry. They have provided us with an excellent service combined with a quality assured training delivery to support our employees. Morrison Utility Services invests heavily in training to ensure it employs highly skilled and competent people and Develop Training Ltd has been a contributing factor to provide specific, relevant training and development."
Morrison Utility Services, comments on Develop Training Ltd being added to their Preferred Supplier list.

"Please can I leave a big thankyou message for my instructor Brian Garthwaite as I didn't manage to thank him properly once the course had ended. Thank you for your guidance and help over the duration of the 18th edition regs course this week. Myself and my 3 colleagues were very impressed on how you presented this intense training. Personally, I would like to thank you for sitting me by the ac room unit during my exam as this helped me greatly with my medical breathing issues, and allowed me to focus on the exam."
Kevin Stares, Serco UK & Europe, comments on the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations C&G 2382 training course.

"The chance to further enhance my skills and relearn the use of the regs book."
David Cooper, SSE Contracting, comments on the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations C&G 2382 - Refresher training course.

"The course overall was good. The questions on the evening paper and exam were a little ambiguous and could have been clearer. Also closed book exams are a thing of the past, as an AP my reference documents for all subjects are what are important to me and where to find the information within these just as important, what I can remember of the top of my head is usually backed up with relevant references to documentation. On another note, lunches and rest area was good, both trainers we had were very knowledgeable and answered any questions to a high standard and the amount of switchgear you had available was impressive to meet the needs of many scenarios for my course and also plenty of others."
Adam Bulley, Amey Defence Services Ltd, comments on the Authorised Person: Electrical Standby training course.

"Very good all round experience meeting and sharing knowledge with people from other organisation was very good. Develop staff handling of the entire training is very commendable. Please keep it up."
Kingsley Iwhiwhu, Jones Lang LaSalle Services Limited, comments on the Authorised Person: High Voltage training course.

"Not much to be improved on, lecturer was clear and concise but made it fun and interesting at the same time 10/10."
Paul White, European Weather Centre, comments on the Authorised Person: High Voltage - Refresher training course.

"Brian and Stewart were both excellent in their support throughout this course in the delivery of information and support to understanding technical matters. Brian made the course welcoming and achievable with his teaching methods. The facilities were very helpful with the course class sessions so that you can experience things in a practical sense. Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed this course."
Lee May, Guy's & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, comments on the Authorised Person: High Voltage (Healthcare) training course.

"Al is a first class trainer and he is so knowledgeable of the subject. He makes it interesting and easy to understand."
Martin Sweeney, Western Health and Social Care Trust, comments on the Authorised Person: High Voltage (Healthcare) - Refresher training course.

"Being able to apply theory lessons in the class room to physical work on HV switch gear."
Robert Bicknell, Amey Defence Services Ltd, comments on the Authorised Person: Low and High Voltage (MOD) training course.

"Fantastic experience with a fantastic tutor, made me feel at ease with my anxiety condition. Thankyou."
David Malcharek, INTU RETAIL SERVICES LIMITED, comments on the Authorised Person: Low Voltage training course.

"Knowledge of instructor who had the ability to explain in various ways to ensure understanding - sessions had adequate breaks to prevent brain freeze."
Geoff Farrah, Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, comments on the Authorised Person: Low Voltage (Healthcare) training course.

"I always enjoy the training sessions at Develop. I have never attended a bad course & have always left feeling I have been armed with the best & most up-to-date info available. There is some inconsistency in the info given from one trainer to another, in this I mean, one trainer may place more emphasis/importance on one element that another trainer may think is less important but this is a minor detail & I just implement the most current training style/content I have been shown. Develop has a friendly & supportive atmosphere, the training staff are very good/knowledgeable & Develop would always be my favoured place to do my training in the future. Keep up the good work, best wishes, Llewellyn."
Llewellyn Plant, Sheffield Childrens NHS Trust, comments on the Authorised Person: Low Voltage (Healthcare) - Refresher training course.

"The course was fantastic. The tutor Mark was great, really knew his stuff and was really supportive throughout. The guys on the course were all great too and helped each other out. Great training venue, all staff were great. Will recommend to colleagues."
Robert Head, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, comments on the Authorised Person: Mechanical Systems (Boiler and Pressure Systems) training course.

"Excellent course and the teacher was very knowledgeable."
Jonathan Swan, Interserve FM Ltd, comments on the Authorised Person: Mechanical Systems (Boiler and Pressure Systems) (MOD) training course.

"All round good experience."
Matthew Mulheran, Metro Rod, comments on the Brick Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5 training course.

"It wasn't too big a group, so everyone had a chance to participate. Also there was no dividing us into groups to try to work out things. I don't get any benefit from them."
David Gosling, South Holland District Council, comments on the British Water Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance training course.

"I like that the majority of the event was practical based and enabled me to get hands-on which I find the best way to learn."
Billy Harley, Northern Gas Networks, comments on the City and Guilds Excavation Support Techniques (Live Dig) training course.

"Relaxed learning environment where discussion was encouraged."
Ben Dean, ATS Controls, comments on the Competent Person: Low Voltage training course.

"It was a good way to refresh / update my knowledge of the issues."
Chris Glennie, JGM, comments on the Competent Person: Low Voltage (Healthcare) training course.

"The course was well presented and equipped which made the training more robust and memorable. The trainer was very experienced and knowledgeable about the subject having useful real life examples to back up explanations. "
Chris Short, NIIT Ltd, comments on the Confined Space Entry and Escape Breathing Apparatus training course.

"Enjoyable course, good trainer and facility's were also good."
Alan John Hunter, Scottish Prison Service, comments on the Disinfection of Water Supply Systems in Buildings training course.

"Able to confidently test for dead, carry out specific tests on motors before installing. Knowledge about existing regulations associated with electrical works."
Michael Valerga, SUEZ Recycling and Recovery IOM Ltd, comments on the Electrical Introduction for Mechanical Personnel training course.

"I think Rob was an excellent instructor who knew his subject matter inside out. He made the course enjoyable through his training methods and all the candidates are off the same opinion."
Andrew Manning, Ancala Water Services (Defence) Ltd, comments on the Enforcement of Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 training course.

"Just like to confirm again that both trainers for Theory and Practical Works and Assessments were both excellent as well as being very thorough and confirming our understanding of the Course Materials provided. Excellent support and guidance throughout the Training Course, thanks once again. Although saturated throughout the week adequately set out and delivered."
James William Jack, HTM Building Services Engineers Limited, comments on the F-Gas (Cat1) C&G 2079-11 training course.

"A very enjoyable course. Excellently forwarded by great teachers. The course in my opinion could not be improved to make it any better."
Neil Daniels, Mitie Technical Facilities Management Ltd, comments on the F-Gas (Cat1) C&G 2079-11 - Assessment Only training course.

"Fantastic venue. Paul is an amazing lecturer, probs one of the best I've had in a long while. Was patient with the ones who struggled and supported them through the harder topics. Down to earth guy, coupled with banter made it a pleasure to be on the course. The lunches provided were also great, a treat I've not been used to on many training courses."
Adam Coopey, BT Plc, comments on the Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification C&G 2392 training course.

"Gary provided me with a solid projection of the course requirements and where I need to be specifically; in terms of understanding Legislation, Regulations and Guidelines. Good advice provided on required reading and what is happening next to progress my course. Thank you very much."
Joe Black, ESP Electricity , comments on the GIRS Design Complex (City & Guilds) training course.

"The easy to understand delivery of the course material, and the experience of the tutor."
Bradley Smith, AGH Engineering Ltd, comments on the High Voltage Distribution Systems Design and Grading training course.

"It was great, can't think of any problems."
Ronnie Toaduff, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, comments on the HV Awareness for Managers training course.

"Learning more about dam safety from an expert."
Adam Hassoba, United Utilities PLC, comments on the Hydraulics and Hydrology for Supervising Engineers training course.

"Very useful course, Ian brought all the various regulations and attendees experiences together very well."
Graham Batty, ENGIE SERVICES LTD, comments on the Implementation of Safe Systems of Work by Authorised Persons for Confined Spaces training course.

"Good informative training environment - instructor with the necessary skills and knowledge to not only teach but also be able to explain in real life scenarios to get the point across."
David Davis, Knaresborough Engineering, comments on the Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations C&G 2391-52 training course.

"Found Steph to be really engaging, she delivered both days with a lot of verve. I found a lot of the information fascinating, as well as highly knowledgeable, her passion for the subject was infectious."
Tom Graham Ronald, Fes FM Ltd, comments on the Leadership & Team Working: Leading Successful Teams training course.

"The course content felt relevant. I was able to ask questions and go into more detail when required. The course felt like a comprehensive learning experience not simply covering what was needed to pass the exam."
Karen Sinclair, Walter Scott & Partners Limited, comments on the Legionella and ACOP L8 Awareness training course.

"Dan Sutherland was clearly passionate about teaching and the subject in hand, he was very knowledgeable and he communicated clearly which had a very positive impact on my learning. I learned some very good points and gathered key information that will help my career progression in the future. Develop clearly take their role seriously and are very willing to accommodate you when required to do so. Overall I would say it is one of the better courses I have been on."
Marc Leonard, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, comments on the Legionella Risk Assessment of Commercial Hot and Cold Water Systems training course.

"The trainer demonstrated a command of all aspects of how to Manage the Risks associated with Legionella and he was able to answer questions from delegates with similar confidence and authority. Secondly, the information was delivered in an interesting and engaging way which helped the delegates to grasp the Key Learning Points. I believe every delegate was successful in attaining the Aessessment Pass Mark first go, another measure of success."
Dennis Doman, Develop, comments on the Legionella: Role of the Responsible Person / Duty Holder / Landlord training course.

"A good group of delegates and teacher, who all worked together to help each other understand the subject matter. I took away an A4 sheet of practical actions to discuss with my maintenance team on my return to work."
Richard Scott Harrison, HM Courts and Tribunals Service, comments on the Legionellosis: Cooling towers, Management and Control training course.

"It was well conducted and the instructors were reasonably knowledgeable."
Jerry Tucker, CLH Pipeline System (CLH-PS) Ltd, comments on the Level 2 Award in Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces training course.

"Good pace of learning, Danny made what could have been a dry course interesting and kept peoples interest."
Neil Higinbotham, Cranswick Country Foods Plc, comments on the Level 2 Award in Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces training course.

"An absolute first class training package from which I have gained a lot of knowledge. Dan’s [the trainer] knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is obvious but both the pace at which he delivered it and the variety of ways in which the information was presented really put the cherry on top! I particularly loved the "Who wants to be a Legionnaire?" quiz - a really fun and innovative way of getting the information to sink in! Overall, I attended the course with the goal of understanding what we should be doing, what we are doing and who should be doing what; and this is exactly the knowledge I left with. An excellent course and a brilliant trainer - thanks Dan and Develop Training!"
Andy Gowrie, Dounreay Site Restoration Limited, comments on the Management of Legionella Bacteria in Hot and Cold Water Systems training course.

"More practical sessions required, still a very good course."
Martin Binnie, Mr Martin Binnie, comments on the Mechanical Introduction for Electrical Personnel training course.

"The trainer, Phil Frost, made the course fun and got every point across very well he also made sure everyone on the course understood everything before he moved on to the next point. Top trainer."
Tom Jennings, Radius Subterra, comments on the National Water Hygiene Scheme training course.

"It was highly informative and broken down well thanks to the instructor."
Shaun Wilkinson, Northern Gas Networks, comments on the Network Construction Operations Gas Level 1 training course.

"Top quality instructor to learn from. Ask questions if unsure, once again instructor answered patiently. Techniques used from different tools."
Daniel Cormack, Northern Gas Networks, comments on the Network Construction Operations Gas Level 2 Service Laying training course.

"The food was good and trainer helped the course be enjoyable."
John Harris, Onsite Central Ltd, comments on the Network Construction Operations Water Level 2 Main Laying training course.

"Learnt how to drill a water main, how to connect a plastic service to a top tee and learnt all about the different fittings from plastic to copper."
Michael Hegarty, J Murphy & Sons, comments on the Network Construction Operations Water Level 2 Service Laying training course.

"Very well presented by the Lecturer who clearly had lots of practical experience which he used well within his presentation."
Mark Bridgeman, BAE Systems PLC, comments on the NRSWA Location & Avoidance of Underground Apparatus training course.

"The warm welcome and how the venue was covid-19 safe and easy to still learn in. Having the hotel next door was also very useful for the event as I needed to stay over night."
Scott Calder, BT Plc, comments on the NRSWA Signing, Lighting and Guarding training course.

"It was all explained in a way I could understand."
Stephen Cresswell, C S J Construction, comments on the NRSWA Streetworks Reassessment training course.

"I recently participated in this course (OS19X), I would just to like pass on my thanks to Danny Connor who took the course. I believe in credit being given where it's due, Danny was highly professional throughout the week long course and made what I thought was an intense course a lot more manageable. Once again if you could pass on my many thanks to Danny it would be very much appreciated. Regards and thanks, Marc."
Marc Goodman, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd, comments on the Pipe Sewer Condition Classification to MSCC5 training course.

"I felt that there was better training equipment to the last time I was there. The laptops gave a real feel to decoding as apposed to writing it down on a sheet of paper."
Paul Bridson, Manx Utilities, comments on the Pipe Sewer Condition Conversion to MSCC5 training course.

"Nice venue, friendly staff, good pace of training delivery."
Lee Dent, Multivac UK, comments on the Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) C&G 2377-22 training course.

"Practical exercises and lecturers way of explaining enhanced my own learning."
Michael Ralston, Mentor Training Solutions Limited, comments on the Practical Introduction to Safe Isolation of HV Equipment training course.

"John Beal made the course for me, the course was very good and lots of information to take on board, as Johns been in the industry he can give a lot of on site knowledge and the pit falls for not getting it right. which i feel is valuable trait as an instructor."
Stephen Maxwell, Fisher German LLP, comments on the Reinstatement of Highway training course.

"I enjoyed learning the different situations and carrying out the various written assessments undertaken in the classroom."
Hayden Whitehead, Northern Gas Networks, comments on the Safe Control of Operations Authorising Engineers and Competent Persons for Routine Operations SCO 5 training course.

"Good and detailed presentation of the course material."
Albert Shahinian, Interserve Defence Ltd, comments on the Safe Control of Operations Competent Persons (Team Leaders) SCO 1 & 2 training course.

"The trainer very knowledgeable on the Safe Working at Height (HS14) and could explain the topic well enough and other related Health and Safety issues."
Roberto Sodusta, St George's University Hospitals NHS Trust, comments on the Safe Working at Height training course.

"I would like to say how well the course was delivered. Broken down into easy to understand modules and felt at ease throughout the entire session. Your trainer was extremely friendly and polite and made everyone feel like part of a team. I would happily book more training with your company and will also recommend you to my friends and colleagues."
David Kraus, D Kraus Plant, comments on the Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Gas training course.

"A very good course. A lot to get through in one day so maybe 1.5 days would be better for the attendees and the trainer."
Nigel Upson, Pointer Ltd, comments on the Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) Water training course.

"The instructor had very good experience in what he was talking about, not straight from the book. Experience in what they are instructing you about is a great thing in training people makes it interesting and you can relate to it. Well done, great week. I will certainly pass your company on to my friends and work colleagues at National Grid and Triio."
Peter O'Kane, tRIIO - Morrison Skanska JV, comments on the Service and Mainlaying Skills for Managers training course.

"This one day training course was excellent. It provided all that was required. It was paced at an excellent rate with a very knowledgeable facilitator. His personal / professional skills were excellent. It was a pleasure to attend and learn and this will leave me with a very good impression of Develop Training. Thank you, Perry."
Perry Dobbins, Wales and West Housing Association, comments on the Thermostatic Mixing Valves training course.

"I was pleasantly surprised how good the facilities at Derby were, Rob Griffith was an excellent tutor who's ability to make you understand the subject is second to none. I would highly recommend."
Marc Leonard, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, comments on the Type BA Verifiable Reduced Pressure Zone Device Testing training course.

"Dennis was an excellent trainer, exceptional knowledge, both technical and experience."
Darren Lewis, Winchester City Council, comments on the Waste Water Treatment Process Operations training course.

"Liked the way the course was run and how informative the trainer was."
Rae Jarvis, NHS LOTHIAN, comments on the Water Hygiene/Competent Person (Healthcare) training course.

"The experience of the instructor made the understanding of the course easier to apply to real life situations."
Robert Clarke, CG Godfrey Ltd, comments on the Water Jetting Safety Awareness and Drain & Sewer Cleaning training course.

"Could have extended this to a three day course as there was a lot of information that was very quickly dealt with and could potentially have been covered in greater depth e.g. commissioning. Apart from that it was well presented by a very knowledgeable engineer, with a good balance of humour and seriousness. It is worth pointing out that there was excellent support from the Administrator and she ought to be complimented on the manner in which she carried out her role."
Paul Watson, QA Ltd, comments on the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations training course.

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