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Manage your training online with our Learning & Assessment Portal

Develop Training has developed and launched its own Learning and Assessment Portal (LAP) to streamline and optimise approaches to training management. The LAP provides for an informed understanding of the learning and development needs of staff. It also facilitates the delivery of appropriate training to ensure that members of staff are both compliant with relevant legislation and progressing in their careers.

Introducing the Learning & Assessment Portal (LAP)

The LAP provides an easy-to-use dashboard of our client's workforce with at-a-glance information on up-to-date training results for online and practical training. We can also build online testing into the portal specific to the course(s) your learners are undertaking, accompanied by images, videos and other media, all aimed at embedding that learning and ensuring your people are suitably skilled to meet the requirements of their role.

Web-based data visualisations and the use of statistical tools enable the straightforward extraction of tailored data. This data can be analysed swiftly for detailed insights and to meet internal reporting requirements. For example, LAP managers can easily view the attendance of learners on courses, their training histories, when recertification is due for compliance purposes, or take a wider view of employee development needs.

Develop Training's LAP allows designated users to book individuals or groups onto training courses. E-mail and SMS notifications can be scheduled for learners to remind them that training has been arranged. Instant alerts can also be arranged to highlight to managers when individuals are nearing the time for compliance re-certification.

The LAP is designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing in-house HR or business systems. It is fully scalable, secure, and capable of facilitating future business success through employee learning and development programmes.

Features of the LAP

The LAP has a number of key features, all controlled through a single portal which seamlessly integrates with our client's systems:

New automation process

  • Our LAP is able to automate a lot of the administrative processes when it comes to managing the training requirements of multiple individuals. You can track the progress of each delegate, set reminders to notify you when people are due for reaccreditation and manage course bookings.
  • The LAP's dashboards enable you to track in near real-time the progress of all your learners, helping you to easily identify which staff members have training requirements and when.

Saving you money

  • The LAP will also integrate seamlessly and securely with your own HR systems to remove the need for any re-inputting of information - enabling staff to work on more value-added tasks. As a result, the LAP helps you efficiently prioritise training budgets in the areas required, giving you a better return on investment.
  • This maximises the value received from any training provided by Develop Training, and ultimately gives peace of mind that delegates are best equipped to operate safely and effectively in their roles.


  • The system remembers when your delegates have undergone training and assessments, and can automate reminders both to the training manager and the delegate to help you manage the timely provision of refresher training and re-accreditation assessment. You can choose whether these are issued by e-mail or via SMS.

Analysis of results

  • By delivering pre-course assessment and monitoring the results, we can ensure that all learners are appropriately matched to the correct course for their current knowledge and ability.
  • Our trainer receives this information ahead of course delivery and can tailor the training to your delegates' requirements.

Reinforcement assessments

  • Post learning reinforcement is a major part of how we do things at Develop Training - we ensure learning is embedded by scheduling a variety of post-course learning to be delivered to the delegate over a period of time.
  • These can be in the form of toolbox talks, learning points, bulletins, short online tests or video content. The LAP can be used to automate this process and feed back results from any testing element to the training manager to help monitor delegate knowledge and ability.

Revolutionising training

Develop Training's new LAP can completely revolutionise the way we approach training. By switching online, we are a providing a quicker, easier and more environmentally friendly way of testing delegates on our courses.

Develop Training said: "The innovation behind the LAP is to ensure that each training programme is tailored for the learner based on their abilities and that our clients' training budgets are used to ensure they concentrate their resources where required, rather than relying on routine retraining for each learner every three years or so."

Continuous Learning Loop

Develop Training's training model is based upon its unique Continuous Learning Loop, a learning cycle focused on pre-course e-assessment, a blended approach to training (incorporating classroom-based teaching, e-learning and practical 'hands on' tuition), and post-course reinforcement.

This new approach to training provides the client with practical training courses most suited to the learner and the post-course re-enforcement identifies if the learner has committed the content to long-term memory or if further training is required.

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