Meet Hanna Magdziarek, Organisational Development Consultant

   22 June 2023         News

Hanna joined Develop Training in December 2022 as an Organisational Development Consultant, in our Cross Industry division. Since then her contributions have solidified her position as a highly valuable member of the team.

Having initially pursued a career as an English teacher, Hanna subsequently transitioned into executive support roles before venturing into the realms of coaching and consultancy, where she has honed her skills for the past five years. One of the notable milestones in Hanna’s journey was her decision to realign her professional trajectory with her true passion, which centres around assisting others in their development while expanding her own expertise.

Demonstrating her commitment to continuous growth and truly practicing what she preaches, in recent years she has obtained a second Master’s Degree in Business and Organisational Psychology.

Hanna explains, “I find great fulfilment in my role and I’m grateful for the opportunity it provides me to share my knowledge of people development and business psychology with others and then watch those people go away and put it into action.”

Outside of work, Hanna is an enthusiastic and dedicated learner who revels in the pursuit of knowledge through studying and reading. Since 2017, she has devoted her time to studying Italian, indulging in annual visits to Italy. Furthermore, she possesses a profound appreciation for fine arts, interior design, and photography, and her active lifestyle includes regular running. Naturally, spending quality time with friends also remains a top priority when the weekend arrives, providing a well-rounded balance to her personal and professional endeavors.

Welcome to the team, Hanna!

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