Meet the Team: Dan Sutherland, Senior Water Systems & Legionella Trainer

   18 June 2023         Blogs

In this month’s meet the team blog, we’re introducing Dan Sutherland, our Senior Water Systems & Legionella Lecturer.

Entering into the legionella risk sector

After starting his career in sales and customer-facing roles, Dan developed a variety of transferable skills that propelled him into the legionella risk sector. Working in the industry at various water hygiene and treatment companies and training for over 17 years to date, Dan has gained expertise in training / assessing and conducting legionella risk assessments in a number of different environments. In risk assessment, his experience led him to work in progressingly more complex and high risk environments involving commercial hot and cold water systems, spa pools systems, vehicle wash systems and other manufacturing systems. Notably, Dan completed the legionella risk assessment of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships complex and Gleneagles golf resort.

Throughout his career, Dan has always aspired to be a trainer and pass on his knowledge to others, by sharing examples of his own experiences in the industry.

Life at Develop

Dan joined Develop in 2015 and has been based in Swindon — a place he argues is ‘most famous for the ‘Magic Roundabout’, five mini-roundabouts around a large roundabout where unfortunately I’m one of many who have had a ding!’. As well as appreciating the green space and lack of traffic whilst living in Swindon, Dan is especially fond of only being a three-mile drive away from the Develop local office.

Demonstrating a wealth of skills and experience, Dan has been a valued member of the legionella / water system senior team for eight years. In his role, Dan works with the Cross Industry Group Training Manager, Kate Denial, to support the delivery of all Develop’s legionella/water systems training programmes. His day-to-day duties include delivering training and assessments as well as writing and developing course materials, which allows him to share his skills, knowledge and real-life experiences first-hand with delegates.

Dan is just about to release a further course on legionella risk assessment of hot and cold water systems where the focus this time is compliance.

Outside of his daily tasks, Dan has also featured in a creative production where he worked with a professional videographer to create a 20-minute video regarding practical advice on conducting risk assessments in the legionella industry. He says that seeing and hearing yourself on screen is definitely an experience he won’t forget but a great one that allowed him to share the skills and expertise that he’s developed over the years. 

How success is measured

As a testament to his continuous development and experience, Dan has now progressed to become the Senior Trainer for the Cross Industry division. When asked how he measures his success, Dan cites the look and delivery format of newer material, his unique skills he brings to the mix and says that he finds a sense of accomplishment from seeing the increase in knowledge, understanding, clarity and impact his style has.

Dan explains, “I’ve faced various challenges during my career but I like to take a positive attitude and use my experiences as a way to build my skills and train delegates.”

A testament to Dan’s success as a trainer, can be seen in the feedback that he receives from delegates. One delegate who recently sat Develop’s Role of the Responsible Person course, posted the following feedback on Develop’s LinkedIn, “I really enjoyed the legionella course this week with Develop. Dan, the trainer, was excellent, really knows the subject and presented the course in a relaxed and engaging manner. It’s always good to refresh your knowledge and reinforce what you already know.”

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