Meet the Team: Richard Kennedy

   24 June 2024         Blogs

Meet the Team: Richard Kennedy

We’re thrilled to introduce Richard Kennedy, a key member of our confined space and working at height training team here at Develop. Richard’s journey has been anything but ordinary, marked by an array of diverse and exciting careers that have shaped him into the exceptional trainer he is today.

Continue reading to find out more about Richard’s career journey and what brought him to Develop.

 A Soldier’s Start

Richard began his professional life as a soldier, serving for three years in the armed forces. During his deployment in Northern Ireland, Richard soon realised this path was not for him as he learned he had more of a desire to help people rather than trying to shoot them.

From the ground to the skies

During his time in the military, Richard found joy helping out at his mother’s Greek restaurant, engaging with customers and honing his interpersonal skills. This experience laid the foundation for his next career move, and despite the seeming disparity, Richard transitioned smoothly to become a cabin crew member for British Midland International, a role he enjoyed for ten years.

Fighting Fires and Saving Lives

Seeking a return to an adrenaline-fueled environment, Richard joined the Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, dedicating seventeen years to the service. He excelled as an Urban Search and Rescue Technician, saving countless lives. Overall, Richard spent six years as a firefighter, five years as a USAR technician, and six years as an Instructor for Urban Search and Rescue Skills, ensuring operations were conducted safely and compassionately. During this time Richard also became a member  of the UK’s International Search and Rescue Team.

A Brief Stint in Mine Rescue

Fast forward to 2021, and Richard became a mines rescuer. This was a role that demanded significant time away from home and after two years he decided that family came first and it was time to move on and seek a position closer to home.

Joining Develop Training

Richard’s journey led him to Develop, where one-year on he has already become an indispensable Confined Space and Working at Height trainer. His sessions are not just courses but experiences, consistently garnering rave reviews from delegates:

– “Richard was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough.”

– “Trainer was brilliant. An incredibly knowledgeable trainer who was incredibly informative and taught in a way that means I will retain the information I have learnt today.”

– “Richard presented the course very well and had a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience. The theory and practical were very good and well structured.”

Richard himself says, “ I try to bring a positive and humorous approach to my training, always looking on the brighter side of life. I believe in creating a positive learning environment, where engagement and enjoyment go hand-in-hand with education. My philosophy is simple: a positive learning environment is an effective one.”

And we at Develop certainly think his training courses are a testament to that.

Life Beyond Training

It will come as no surprise that until recently Richard was a keen mountain climber and mountain biker, it was when he was in Snowdonia he decided to hang up his boots. The famous Crib Goch, nicknamed ‘Knife Edge’, is known for being a dangerous scramble with even experienced climbers struggling to complete it. The ridge claims eight to ten lives per year and it was only when he reached the top of the deadly ridge that he realised his new-found fear of heights.

This likely comes as a surprise to you based on Richard’s previous occupations, and it came as a surprise to Richard as well, as this was not something that had not affected him previously. However, this new-found fear was a result of becoming a father – according to Richard all he could imagine while he was at the top of the ridge was how much trouble he would be in if he got hurt, thereby leaving his wife and a newborn to look after.

Now he prefers to stick to walks in the picturesque Lincolnshire countryside with the family’s doting dogs; a bulldog and a boxer. Richard is extremely family orientated and values his time with his wife and two young daughters.

Fun Facts

Claim to Fame: For work Richard attended the Labour Party conference in Brighton and witnessed Nelson Mandela deliver a memorable speech.

Linguistic Skills: Richard was fluent in French and can converse in Greek, reflecting his half-Cypriot heritage.

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