Develop’s latest addition is a mobile confined space unit. This state-of-the-art facility can simulate a range of environments using lighting and smoke machines throughout the 35 metres of tunnel.

This unit is fitted with the latest technology – including a 4k and night vision camera system as well as an audio system. It also includes a smoke machine and pipework to create simulated environments. The unit takes up just four car parking spaces on an employers’ site.

Check out this short video to see the unit’s features and see the facilities fit for a fireman!

We have a fantastic range of clients from Rolls Royce and Cadent to the Emergency Services.

Why choose the mobile confined space unit?

  • Save your budget – the Mobile Confined Space Unit saves on hotel accommodation and the associated costs for multiple employees.
  • Convenient – The unit can be used to deliver on employers sites taking up just four car parking spaces when fully assembled.

The unit can be rapidly set up in just 15mins with:

  • Automatic handrail system that with a press of a button ensures the safety of trainers and delegates alike by providing a safe working environment.
  • Strong sturdy support legs allowing delegates a safe stable working area.

The unit can simulate a range of industrial environments delegates may face in their day-to-day work:

  • On-board sound system and noise programmes allowing a realistic environment to be created.
  • Strobe Lighting: LED lights throughout, to simulate different environments and to facilitate training of both novice and advanced users.
  • Smoke Machines: the unit can be filled with smoke to simulate conditions for example to create an area where a fire is more likely.

There are cameras that can used for live monitoring and recording features to aid with the delegates learning including:

  • Infra-red cameras: installed in the training tunnels, feeding to mobile devices.
  • All training within the unit is fully visible on mobile devices to allow for discussion during and in the debrief post course.
  • Microphone system: enables the trainer to address the delegates whilst in the unit and guide them accordingly.

The unit can be entered both vertically and horizontally:

  • Three metre vertical drop through access shaft on the roof: meeting both CABWI and City and Guilds standards.
  • Escape doors and hatches are located throughout the tunnel system in case of an emergency.
  • Non-slip safety deck: allows training to be undertaken safely in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Tripod and winch with full harness and rescue system.
  • Internal stairway access that leads to the roof.
  • Safety handrail system: making the roof area fully enclosed and safe for delegates.
  • 35 metres of internal tunnels: with a variety of horizontal shafts and tunnels that can be moved to change the path to suit the needs of the course.
  • Running over two levels there is a network of scrambling tunnels.

We also have a range of equipment to support our range of training courses:

  • Breathing apparatus.
  • Gas monitors.
  • Rescue equipment.

Our full range of confined space training courses can be found here.

The Unit requires 240v electricity hook-up it further requires a level parking area for stability and safety of your delegates. Four parking spaces must be allocated.

We ask kindly that you please advise of any height restrictions or low level bridges/crossings around your location.

We also have fitted facilities at our Derby, York and Swindon centres.

If you would like to view any of our facilities simply call us on 0800 876 6708 or email to arrange a viewing.

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