Scaling Success: National Grid Highlights the Power of Leadership Training

   31 July 2023         News

The National Grid Electricity Distribution’s (NGED) Building High Performing Teams (BHPT) project is an ambitious initiative that Develop’s Leadership & Management team have developed and are delivering across the entirety of NGED. Spanning from 2022 to 2024, this comprehensive leadership development programme consists of 32 cohorts, each comprising up to 10 delegates.

The training initiative was driven by feedback from a staff survey called Grid:voice from which it was clear that NGED needed to equip their managers with the necessary skills to be leaders of the future. The overall aim of the BHPT project is to equip operational team leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to form cohesive and highly effective teams, enabling them to excel in their respective roles within the organisation.

Leaders of the future

Furthermore, every cohort within the NGED BHPT program is assigned a senior advocate who provides guidance and support throughout the team leader’s leadership journey. This ensures that delegates receive personalised attention and mentoring to maximize their learning experience and further strengthen their team dynamics.

“I found the training very thought provoking and it has already offered useful advice/guidance on ways I can help improve my team. I was unaware of most of this before the sessions!” explained one thrilled delegate.

Leadership and management training that makes a difference

On the first day of the programme the focus is on fostering high-performing team relationships and identifying the team’s problem solving strengths. Each cohort engages in a range of interactive exercises, one of which involves constructing a tower using only the provided resources within a tight timeframe of 15 minutes. The results have been nothing short of astounding, with one cohort emerging as the frontrunners, reaching a staggering height of 351cm. Their tower nearly grazed the apex of the NGED training room; a testament to their exceptional teamwork and ingenuity.

As the NGED BHPT programme progresses, it is clear that the latest cohort has set a remarkable benchmark for the heights of success that can be achieved through collaborative efforts. Their outstanding tower-building performance serves as an inspiration for future cohorts and emphasizes the programme’s commitment to fostering excellence in teamwork.

Stay tuned for more updates on the NGED BHPT programme as it continues to inspire team leaders to develop high performing teams.

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