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Bespoke courses in High Voltage

Bespoke courses in High Voltage

20 November 2019

The provision of practical, hands-on, training significantly distinguishes DTL from most other training providers.

Learners report that, whilst the equipment at other training providers may be appropriate, DTL stands out as in its ability to facilitate practical scenarios. This ensures that learners feel more confident and prepared to meet the various challenges they may face.

Our bespoke High Voltage courses include:

  • High Voltage Authorised Person - HV Healthcare
  • Authorised Person: HV Healthcare Refresher
  • Authorised Person: HV Commercial Refresher
  • High Voltage Authorised Person: Industrial and Commercial
  • HV Workshop - Practical introduction to Safe Isolation
  • Authorised Person: Electrical Standby
  • Authorised Person: LV/HV (MoD)
  • Authorised Person: LV/HV Refresher (MoD)
  • Mechanical to Electrical Conversion

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We have a wide range of Healthcare Estates and Defence Estates training solutions that are all delivered inline with JSP's, HTM's and other related standards.

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