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DTL backs eighth annual Gas Safety Week

DTL backs eighth annual Gas Safety Week

19 September 2018

The eighth annual Gas Safety Week (September 17-23) will see organisations from across the UK working together to raise awareness of the dangers of poorly maintained gas appliances, which can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gavin Davies, DTL's Energy Training Manager, said: “There is a lot of attention on skills shortages and the need to bring in new entrants and upskill existing personnel, but that must never come at the expense of safety. It’s a subject that we take very seriously, and safe working is at the heart of all of our gas training.” 

DTL provides a range of training for domestic gas engineers, covering key safety topics such as carbon monoxide testing. 

Domestic gas & energy courses

DTL's domestic gas and energy courses provide core domestic gas installation and maintenance knowledge, as well as registering learners with Gas Safe. Operatives going through DTL courses face tough theoretical and practical skills tests before they can qualify, as well as challenges to enhance their depth of knowledge of the gas industry.

Smart meter training

DTL also trains engineers to install and maintain smart meters. One key element of gas and electrical safety in households that DTL says is often overlooked is meter earth bonding. It is critical to get it right as a faulty earth in a house will run down a gas pipe, which can then become a live electrical conductor if the earth bonding is incorrectly installed at the meter. DTL’s course, Meter Earth Bonding 1 (MEB1), covers this crucial aspect of training.

Competence and compliance

Ensuring safety through competence and compliance is at the heart of DTL’s installation and maintenance training, which equips operatives with the skills to deal with appliances including cookers, boilers, gas fires and water heaters. It also trains them to use flue gas analysers for the correct combustion values of an appliance and to check for carbon monoxide external to the appliance.

Health and safety in the gas industry

DTL also runs a course specifically focused on health and safety in the gas sector; SHEA Gas. The one-day course provides delegates with a uniform approach to health, safety and environmental awareness for anyone working in the gas utilities industry or on related infrastructure. Successful delegates receive a Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) card from the energy and utility skills organisation EUSR to confirm their competence.

Further details about DTL's gas courses are available here.

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