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DTL braced for Black Friday style rush as SMETS2 deadline looms

DTL braced for Black Friday style rush as SMETS2 deadline looms

21 November 2018

Industry leading training provider Develop Training Ltd (DTL) is bracing itself for a Black Friday-style stampede ahead of the looming deadline for smart meters.

Both small and large providers only have until 6th December to continue installing SMETS1 meters. After this point all providers will be required to install only SMETS2 technology.

The technology is due to be rolled out to all households nationwide in the next two years, and training for installation engineers will be a legal requirement. In anticipation of the likely demand, DTL has developed a one-day course that is available at its seven training centres nationwide.

SMETS2 deadline is looming

Lee Morgan, a senior energy lecturer at DTL, said: “The deadline means electricity providers and their contractors will have to become compliant overnight, so we are expecting significant demand. Installers will need to get up to speed quickly.”

DTL already provides smart meter training for large organisations, and is already fielding more enquiries from both major and smaller firms for training in SMETS2.

DTL provide EUSR approved SMETS2 training

One of the factors driving interest is that DTL is one of the few providers whose courses are approved by the energy and utilities training register EUSR, a requirement of the smart meter installation code of practice SMICOP 2.6.

Consumers will be able to switch energy providers without needing to change their meters

For consumers, the big change with SMETS2 is that they will be able to switch energy providers without needing to change their meters. Making that possible has required a new layer of complexity, creating the need for specialist training.

Like SMETS1, the new smart meters will send information on energy usage to the provider without the need for meter reading. However, the data will now be relayed by specialist providers.

Arqiva and Telefonica

Two communications service providers have been contracted to gather the data, Arqiva in the north of the country and Telefonica in the south. For installers, it means learning how to manage the connection process with one or both providers.

SMETS2 training

Another crucial aspect of the training is understanding the meters themselves. Although the physical meters in the north and south of the country are different from each other, they both rely on LED indicator lights to inform the engineer of the status of the installation and to alert him or her if there is a fault. The training will also cover the fault-finding process. 

DTL are one of the first training providers to offer SMETS2 training and have fully-equipped, specialist training centres at various locations throughout the UK particularly in Derby, Swindon and Linlithgow, Scotland. 

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