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DTL delivers on site training to British MOD in Nepal

DTL delivers on site training to British MOD in Nepal

01 November 2017

Develop Training Ltd recently completed the on-site delivery of training to in-house contractors of the Gurkha Regiment of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Regiment is supplying LPG in containers to mobile homes and remote dwellings where natural gas is not piped because of difficult terrain in Nepal.  LPG behaves differently to natural gas and its pressure is often higher.

The course covered Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) training and assessing over two days, with learners whose responsibility it is to install, service and maintain LPG systems for regulation from its liquid state to a gas state suitable for domestic use.

Learners were trained in the scope and application of the MOD safety rules for work on petroleum installations, petroleum products and hazards, combustible gas indicators and oxygen meters, oxygen and combustible tests, as well as bulk fuel installations, tanks, valves, pipelines and filters.

Gavin Davies, Delivery Manager for Energy at Develop Training said: "The course itself went very well, with great enthusiasm shown by the learners who are now familiar with thorough processes for ensuring safe and compliant working with LPG installations and safe handling of LPG storage containers."

"All instructors were experts in the subject and in addition to the course content, provided further information for the good practice and benefit of the organisation," said S Sgt Lax Okhrabu, Maintenance Manager for British Gurkhas of Nepal, "We look forward to welcoming Develop Training back in the future."

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