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DTL launches Water Hygiene training for hospitals

DTL launches Water Hygiene training for hospitals

14 November 2018

FM and utilities specialist, Develop Training Limited (DTL), is launching a new training initiative focused on water hygiene in hospitals. The two-day City and Guilds-accredited course entitled ‘Water Hygiene/CP Training (Healthcare)’ is targeted at maintenance staff working in hospitals.

Rolling out at the beginning of next year, it is aimed at ensuring staff comply with specific methods for hospital hygiene laid down by the Department of Health in its HTM guidance. It will also provide managers with a way to deliver regular training required under the government’s Water Safety Plan.

Hygiene in healthcare is imperitive

Daryll Garavan, DTL’s Delivery Manager for Water Systems, said: “Hygiene is especially important in healthcare so anyone working on water systems or cleaning water outlets in hospitals should complete a Water Hygiene Competent Person training course.”

Course delegates will include hospital estates staff, housekeeping and contractors. The course will provide them with an understanding of the need for good hygiene and how they can prevent contamination of the water supply and outlets, ensuring patient safety is not compromised.

Water Safety Group training programme 

DTL advises that the Water Safety Group in each hospital or trust should implement a programme of staff training. This should ensure that staff are appropriately informed, instructed and trained to carry out control measures, undertake associated monitoring and cleaning of outlets.

It is essential that staff have an overall appreciation of the practices affecting water hygiene and safety, and that they are assessed to confirm their competency.

City & Guilds accredited 

The new DTL course lays the foundations for staff to comply with the DoH’s HTM04:01 Part B 6.27 – 6.30 guidelines. Successful delegates receive a certificate of competence as well as a City and Guild certificate. Because the training is City and Guild accredited, it will be transferable between NHS Trusts and Department.

Course content

The course covers: 

  • Organisational governance arrangements in relation to water hygiene including roles and responsibilities of infection control staff, estates managers, housekeeping and contractors.
  • The responsibilities of individuals to prevent the contamination of the water distribution system and water outlets and assisting in ensuring control measures in place are effective.
  • The importance of an established water safety plan, the elements of a good water safety plan.
  • Familiarisation with policies/procedures in relation to the management and provision of water hygiene and safety.
  • The importance of personal hygiene and communicable diseases.
  • Housekeeping procedures and why it’s imperative that clinical hand wash cleaning methods are created and followed to reduce bacterial proliferation.
  • Contractor and staff clothing, footwear, cleaning equipment/materials and tools.
  • How to store and transport materials and tools to be used within the plumbing system of a healthcare setting.
  • An understanding of the importance and methods of disinfection and cleaning equipment/materials to be used on the water system.
  • How the safety of water can be maintained by good hygiene practices.
  • Basic awareness on prominent waterborne pathogens such as legionella, pseudomonas, mycobacteria and their consequences.
  • Common ways in which water distribution systems, water outlets, components and any associated equipment can become contaminated through poor hygiene practises.
  • An awareness of basic organisation-specific control measures to reduce colonisation of water systems and patient transfer.
  • The impact of getting it wrong.

Course delivery

The course is delivered in the classroom with DTL’s training team using local water systems and infection control practises to put the course materials in to context where possible. The City and Guilds qualification is assessed through a written test at the conclusion of the course.

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