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DTL welcomes Phil Frost as our new Water Lecturer

DTL welcomes Phil Frost as our new Water Lecturer

19 December 2017

Phil Frost has joined Develop Training Limited as a Water Lecturer.

Phil brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the role which will see him providing training to a whole range of students - from experienced operatives to apprentices.

"There's a real move towards raising standards in water," explains Phil. "Standards like those that currently exist for gas installation are being introduced for water which means we have an important job to do to make sure workers are skilled and qualified to operate at the required level."

Hands-on experience

Phil started his career 'on the tools' at Severn Trent Water in 1992 after ten years in the armed forces. This hands-on experience, he says, is really important when training others:

"Some people - especially those who have lots of experience in the field - may feel daunted or reluctant coming into a classroom environment. They see some guy in a suit and think 'what does he know?'. Being able to apply my experience takes the training from theoretical to practical – to something they can relate to - and they have respect for that."

Phil says it was serendipity that brought him to Develop Training. He had just finished a training contract at Stephenson's College when an old friend got in touch and let him know they were looking for a Water Lecturer.

And it's a really exciting time to be joining the firm.

Overhaul of programmes and qualifications

"The water industry is being re-born," says Phil, "and in response, Develop Training are really raising their game in terms of the kind of training they offer in this area. There are huge challenges ahead - overhauling the programmes, introducing new qualifications - but it's a challenge I'm really looking forward to taking on.

"There's a massive shortage of skills in the industry, and it's crucial we start tackling it. And we need to educate the younger generation that, yes, this can be a manual and dirty job, but it's one that requires skill. They days when you could assume a man (or woman!) digging a hole has no qualifications have long gone."

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