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DTL's online portal wins award for delivering step change for tRIIO

DTL's online portal wins award for delivering step change for tRIIO

15 June 2018

An online system from Develop Training Ltd has been recognised for making a step change in the way tRIIO manages learning and assessment. 

Skanska Great People Award

Joanne Green, tRIIO’s Training and Competence Manager, won a Skanska Utilities Special Recognition Award for her work with Develop Training on implementing the Learning and Assessment Portal (LAP).

tRIIO and Develop Training agreed a five-year contract in early 2016 for the delivery of a programme of more than 100 compliance, health and safety, and bespoke training courses to more than 3,000 front-line operatives. The deal included the LAP.

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Series of developments

The award follows a series of developments to the online portal. Now, the gas distribution partnership is set to take its safety and technical competency process to the next level with the latest extension to the system.

Multi-function assessment and reporting suite

Working with tRIIO, Develop Training has developed the system from an online course booking tool to a multi-function assessment and reporting suite. The new extension, currently undergoing final testing, will provide a safety and technical competency system incorporating tRIIO’s competency matrix. 

Joanne Green said: “This is a step change for our competency function. It’s a big win for us. We realised we could use the LAP and the online booking tool BookIT to support our training programme, but we didn’t realise it would develop to be where we are now.”

The tRIIO team quickly grasped that the system was the perfect base for their business requirements, and set about working with Develop Training to develop it to manage the training of their 3,621 staff and numerous contractors.

Delegates and managers book their own training

By allowing delegates and managers to book their own training, the system overcame a major administration challenge for tRIIO because of the quantity and type of training the organisation commissions. While Develop Training provides almost all of the gas technical training required, tRIIO uses other external, and internal, providers for other specialist functions, and all of these can be managed via the LAP. 

Efficient management of training

“Because of the volume of training involved, we need to ensure we are managing it as efficiently as possible,” said Joanne, who estimates that without the online system, the organisation would need half a dozen admin staff just to manage the bookings.

The system has also been developed to be an induction portal and a performance development review system for staff.

Chris Wood, Chief Executive of DTL, said: "We are delighted to see our system recognised with this award. The innovation behind the LAP is to ensure that each training programme is tailored for the learner based on his or her abilities. It means our clients' training budgets are concentrated where they are most required."

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