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Employees can complete training & qualifications whilst on furlough

Employees can complete training & qualifications whilst on furlough

06 January 2021

Furloughed employees cannot undertake any work for the company, however, they are able to train whilst furloughed.

Why undertake training whilst furloughed?

There are many benefits to both the employer and the employee, including:

  • Employees will receive a qualification; enhancing their skills and (depending on the course) align with an established professional standard
  • Keep up the motivation of employees, potentially improving mental health, job retention and satisfaction whilst furloughed
  • Employers can invest in their employees' development and make use of time which may not be available under normal circumstances
  • Employees can stay safely at home whilst undertaking virtual online training

Completing virtual online training whilst furloughed

Develop Training have created 'a new way to learn' with a suite of inspiring digital training solutions for Utilities and Safe Systems of Work. These courses are underpinned by industry leading technology and delivered by world class tutors with real world support.

These courses are delivered exactly the same as you would expect - in a classroom with one of our expert trainers, however you are able to attend the course from wherever you are in the world, without the issue of travel and accommodation. To facilitate this we use Microsoft Teams, and we have been careful in designing these courses to ensure that none of the important elements are lost from within a "physical" classroom.

Available courses include, but are not limited to:

Click here to see the full range of available virtual training or call 0800 876 6708

Download the virtual course brochure here

In summary

Furloughed employees can complete training and qualifications whilst on furlough. Focusing on improving the skills and knowledge of employees and investing in their development can enable companies to emerge more flexible, more resilient, and stronger than ever.

The legal bit

In its guidance, the English Government says that:

“You cannot ask your employee to do any work that: makes money for your organisation or any organisation linked or associated with your organisation; provides services for your organisation or any organisation linked or associated with your organisation”

This guidance can be interpreted quite widely but in summary, furloughed employees cannot:

  • Complete any task or activity that makes money for your company.
  • Provide services to your company.

However, furloughed employees can still:

  • Take part in training
  • Volunteer for another employer or organisation
  • Work for another employer (if contractually allowed)

Full guidance can be found here.


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