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Improving employees' mental health and wellbeing

Improving employees' mental health and wellbeing

01 August 2019

Develop Training Ltd (DTL) has long promoted the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace with its delegates, largely through the use of its 'Develop Promotes' range of materials.

Last month DTL staff decided it was time to reflect inwards and also look at how the business can support its own staff when it comes to mental health, physical health and general wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace. To kick off this drive a Wellbeing Working Group was created, to which all members of staff were invited to participate.

The working group held their first meeting last month and invited along a representative from Talking Mental Health Derbyshire (TMHD) to speak to the group about their services. During the insightful talk the group discovered that TMHD offer a free and confidential service for young people over 16 and adults who are registered with a Derbyshire GP. People who are experiencing common psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression or just generally feeling low can self-refer rather than visiting their GP.

The first meeting was a resounding success with many attendees commenting on how useful the information was. One attendee said, "One of my family members has long suffered from depression and anxiety yet has no idea that this service exists, despite having visited many Doctors over the years - I'll be letting her know about the free self referral service as soon as a I get home tonight!"

Going forward the working group will be responsible for developing strategy, reviewing policies, procedures, and staff information and developing new wellbeing initiatives. They will also act as workplace wellbeing champions.

John Kerr, Managing Director, said, "The senior management team are thoroughly on-board with this new initiative and we are delighted that so many staff have been keen to get involved and make a difference. Mental health and wellbeing is no longer a taboo subject and as a business we're always striving to create a happy working environment - if one of the ways to do that is by making mental health and wellbeing a core priority then we're more than willing to facilitate this for our staff."


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