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Microbiologist announces that he runs his shower for 20 minutes after periods away so as to minimise the chances of inhaling legionella

Microbiologist announces that he runs his shower for 20 minutes after periods away so as to minimise the chances of inhaling legionella

18 July 2019

Earlier this week the national news reported that microbiologist, Dr Tom Makin, has one very important ritual whenever he returns home from a holiday or extended period away from home; he makes sure he turns on his shower before dashing out the room and firmly shutting the door.

Makin states that he leaves the shower running for 20 minutes or so, turns it off and then won't re-enter the bathroom for at least a further 20 minutes. Sound strange? Well, this ritual has nothing to do with OCD or superstition and all to do with bacteria, specifically legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacteria thrives in stagnant water and is a life threatening water-borne bacterium which can be present in many environments where there are both natural and man-made water systems. This includes domestic shower heads, especially when they're unused for a period of time.

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Legionella Bacteria - a deadly risk

By carrying out his ritual, Makin, who has spent over 30 years studying outbreaks, ensures that neither he nor his family will inhale contaminated droplets of water. If inhaled deep into the lungs, the legionella bacteria can cause legionnaire's disease, a condition which triggers potentially life threatening pneumonia and organ failure.

Summer time is when the risk of legionella and legionnaire's disease is at its peak due to the warmer weather. Other households areas in which the bacteria can thrive include water butts, pipes and even garden hoses/sprinklers. This means that even the simplest of household tasks could result in a potenially fatal infection.

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The best way to do keep risk to a minimum is to ensure staff are properly trained and fully understand their role.

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