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NEWS | Heavy fines risk for unnecessary streetworks disruption

NEWS | Heavy fines risk for unnecessary streetworks disruption

01 February 2016

As part of the Government’s £15 billion Road Investment Strategy, the Department for Transport has announced that Utilities and Councils could be fined £5,000 for each day roadworks are left unattended at weekends.

Similar charges will be applicable to those leaving temporary traffic lights in place after all work has been finished.

To accompany the fines, there will also be an encouragement to adopt a seven-day working week to ensure that roadworks will be finished as quickly as possible, especially on A roads.

Reduce the levels of disruption

The aim of these fines and changes is to reduce the levels of disruption on local roads, which, in our most recent blog, we identified as a major issue the UK will face over the next few years.

Streetworks training courses at every level

Streetworks training is compulsory for any person working on or adjacent to the public highways, and is the legal route to achieving essential qualifications - many of which must be renewed every five years.

At Develop Training we've designed courses to meet the training needs of every streetworks discipline; from signing, lighting and guarding, to reinstating the highways, and locating and avoiding underground apparatus.

More information on our streetworks  courses is available here, alternatively please call  one of our friendly Training Advisors on 0800 876 6708

DTL’s Streetworks training can be delivered from any of our centres nationwide, or on site at your premises. Further information can be found here.

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