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NEWS | Reckless practice leads to suspension of roadworks

NEWS | Reckless practice leads to suspension of roadworks

16 March 2017

Broadband cable installation works in Edinburgh have been suspended after a motorist's dashboard camera filmed a "reckless" worker standing waist-deep in a manhole on a busy road with just two traffic cones for protection.

Footage shows cars swerving to avoid the CityFibre contractor as he works in the manhole wearing a high-visibility jacket but little else in the way of personal protective equipment (PPE).

No proper traffic management in place

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener for the City of Edinburgh Council, said: "We have written to CityFibre condemning this case in the strongest terms and requesting that they immediately carry out a full investigation.  CityFibre have suspended all works being carried out in Edinburgh by the contractor show in the video while this investigation is carried out.

"This is a very alarming case and the Council had not been notified about these works on the road.  As can be seen on the footage, this was maintenance work being undertaken in a dangerous manner both for the operative and for the public travelling on the road.  There was no proper traffic management in place and the operative was clearly at very real risk of being seriously injured or even killed."

 Image: Scotland's Worst Drivers / Deadline

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