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The first of 15 days free training for Charlotte King

The first of 15 days free training for Charlotte King

18 November 2020

Charlotte King, Contracts & Procurement Manager at WK Engineering Services Ltd, joined Develop's Women in Utilities Success Programme earlier this year with the aim of progressing her career and gaining further experience and knowledge of the gas industry.

With the programme delayed by several months due to the onset of COVID19, Charlotte was finally able to undertake the first 5 days of her total 15 days free training with Develop last month.

Service & Mainlaying Skills for Managers

The course Charlotte selected was Develop's Service & Mainlaying Skills for Managers; a training course for agents, supervisors and network managers with entry level experience of working in a utility environment, and managers with no formal qualifications in gas networks. Charlotte specifically chose this course because she has been involved with the operational side of the business for 6 years and wanted to gain a more thorough understanding and awareness of the technical elements of upstream and downstream gas networks. She was also keen to try her hand at tasks such as Electro and Butt Fusion, pressure testing, squeeze off connections and mains purging.

Empowering knowledge to gain respect from colleagues

Charlotte explains, "Having always been involved in the pre-works element of each project, from ordering materials to provision of drawings and plant and equipment, I had never actually seen the work completed on-site with a real understanding of the complications the guys face in the method and rational of the works and this course has allowed me to put that missing link in place.

I chose this course specifically because I really enjoy the variety of work in operations and am keen to get more involved – things can change by the minute when you’re out on site so it's far more interesting to me than the rigidity of office work!

My goal by the end of the Women in Utilities programme is to understand not only what the operational teams are doing, but also why. Having this knowledge will be really empowering as it'll not only build my confidence when I'm coordinating projects, but I hope it'll also help me gain respect from my colleagues."

Drive to succeed

Charlotte's drive to succeed is clear to see as she's currently undertaking a level 6 professional diploma in Procurement & Supply, with her due to graduate in November 2021, and if that weren’t enough, she's also looking to enrol on a Project Management course – phew!

Chris King, M.D. of WK Engineering Services, said, "Charlotte was put forward for Develop’s Women in Utilities Success Programme in order to help her gain a deeper understanding of what the operational teams do day-to-day. Charlotte has the potential and mental strength to forge a fantastic career in the industry and has the drive to succeed. She has approached all the opportunities and challenges that have been thrown her way – and she is more than capable of getting involved in all aspects of the business and I look forward to seeing her grow and realise her full potential in the coming years."

10 days of free training remaining - watch this space!

Charlotte still has 10 days of free training with Develop remaining, so we'll be catching up with her again in the new year to find out how she's putting her new-found knowledge to use and what her next training course will be – stay tuned!

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