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UK November Lockdown - COVID19 Update

UK November Lockdown - COVID19 Update

02 November 2020

Business as new normal for Develop

We understand that many employers & learners are concerned about the potential impact of the COVID19 pandemic and November lockdown on their training. We want to take this opportunity to reassure you that as we are part of the Education & Training sector it will remain business as usual for Develop - all our training courses will continue to run as scheduled, and we will continue to manage the risk of COVID19 in line with Government guidelines.

For learners visiting our centres, you can view our Delegates Welcome Guide here. This will give you further information on what to expect during your time with us.

Social distancing measures

Develop Training kick started 'Back to Business' by re-opening our training centres on Monday 6th July 2020. Since then we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our delegates and staff, whilst still delivering training of the highest quality.

As we move into November and a second UK-wide lockdown, we will continue to manage the risk of COVID19 in line with Government guidance. This means that the look and feel of our training centres will continue to be different.

Some of the measures we've introduced include:

  • Social distancing across venues, reinforced by clear signage
  • One way systems in Develop venues
  • A new maximum of people allowed in a room at any time
  • A new cleaning and hygiene regime
  • Restricted use of communal areas
  • New catering arrangements
  • Staggered start and break times

All our staff have received training on the changes and new procedures we have adopted. You can also rest assured that we continually review our risk assessments, particularly focusing on the flexible approach to practical training sessions, in order to accommodate social distancing and hygiene measures.

If you want more information about the measures Develop is taking to tackle the COVID19 situation:

Virtual training courses

Develop have recently introduced a brand-new range of virtual courses which can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. Click here to view the full range.

"Power Up" your knowledge - FREE online courses

Power Up is a FREE resource from our parent company, JTL, offering bite-sized digital courses. It is designed to understand help learners continue their professional training by offering free advice and educational resources.

Liam Sammon, Director of Learning and Innovation at JTL, said: "What we’ve learnt during lockdown is the importance of gaining new skills and how we can acquire them online. This is why JTL has developed Power Up – a series of free, open to all, bite-size online courses to remind trade professionals of the skills they already have and to give a taster of new skills needed. Built for mobile phones and tablets, each course can be completed at your own pace, full of videos, interactive games and text, which will steer the individual to further training, should this be of interest."

Find out more here

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