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WATCH | CEO Chris Wood discusses Develop Training's 'Hamburger Model'

WATCH | CEO Chris Wood discusses Develop Training's 'Hamburger Model'

08 January 2016

We hope you've had a wonderful winter break, and that 2016 has started well for you.

At Develop Training Ltd, we're kicking off the year with an exciting announcement - the introduction of our CONTINUOUS LEARNING LOOP, which is otherwise known as "The Hamburger Model".

There are three basic phases to the model:

  1. Pre-assessment: ensures that learners are appropriately matched to courses. This avoids the risk that learners are either over- or under-qualified. Develop Training's pre-assessment phase can be completed online, and is therefore fast, efficient and easily evaluated.

  2. Training: is delivered through a blended approach which combines practical, online and classroom experiences. Develop Training differentiates itself from most other training providers by delivering a high proportion of 'hands-on' training, which is based on real world skills and situations.

  3. Post-training reinforcement: addresses the risk that, however good the training, knowledge can be quickly forgotten. At DTL, we're tackling this through the provision of post-learning reinforcement techniques. We believe these to be hugely important not only in ensuring knowledge retention, but also for our clients to better understand and measure the return on their investments.

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