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                                                                        Keeping buildings safe after lockdown

                                                                       The HSE has recently released an article explaining how
                                                                        unused buildings, or those with significantly reduced
                                                                       occupancy, can see a dramatic increase in the potential
                                                                          risk of Legionnaires’ disease. Employers, the self-
                                                                         employed and people in control of premises, such as
                                                                        landlords and Estate Managers have a duty to identify
                                                                            and control risks associated with legionella.

                                                                        If your building was closed or had reduced occupancy
                                                                         during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, water
                                                                      system stagnation can occur due to lack of use, increasing
                                                                                the risks of Legionnaires’ disease.

                                                                                  This may particularly affect:
                                                                                     • Hot and cold water
                                                                                • Cooling towers and evaporative
                                                                               • Commercial spa pools and hot tubs

                                                                        For detailed guidance on Legionella and safer working
                                                                       during the coronavirus outbreak visit the HSE website at
                                                                  and search legionella.

                      ASK THE EXPERT



       Develop Training are hosting a FREE webinar to help
       businesses understand the risks of Legionella after            Agenda
       buildings have been left empty or under utilised during

       The webinar will take place on FRIDAY 11TH                       Welcome from Develop Training
       DECEMBER 2PM. The agenda will include expert views
       and opinions, practical hints and tips to manage risk,           Legionella - Expert Analysis/Opinion
       and the chance to discuss any specific areas of concern
       during a live Q&A with industry experts.                         Risks and Solutions

       The webinar has a limited number of spaces, to secure            Industry Expert Guest Speaker
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