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A Critical Time for Facilities                                             ESTATES &

      Managers in Healthcare                                                      FACILITIES

      With ever-changing regulations and standards,                             MANAGEMENT
      Facilities Managers in Healthcare are under more and

      more pressure than ever before to ensure they and                               new brochure
      their teams are ready for anything.                                             now launched

      As  the  sector  continues  to  evolve  and
      technology  marches  on  at  an  astonishing                            We have been working hard behind the
      rate  we  looked  at  how  training  needs  to                          scenes during lockdown to ‘develop’ (pun
      evolve  to  help  both  the  management  of                             intended) our courses and offering around
      these facilities and the team serving them.                             Estates & Facilities Management.
      How can training help ensure the training                               As a result of this research and after
      challenge  is  met  and  that  the  pipeline  of                        consulting many of our existing clients,
      talent is created to prevent issues arriving                            learners and trainers, we are now proud
      in these specialist sectors?                                            to launch our new ‘Estates & Facilities
                                                                              Management’ course brochure.  This
      WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST               As  they have  centre’s  up  and  down  the   brochure details all the relevant courses that
      CHALLENGES REGARDING               country  it  doesn’t  matter  where  our  staff   are now available, you can download a copy
      TRAINING FACING FACILITIES         are based as they will have a local training
      MANAGERS?                          centre they can attend – that’s definitely an   Develop offer specialist training courses in
                                         advantage  too  as  all  our  staff  are  trained   Electrical, Mechanical, H&S, Gas, Legionella
      Managing  the  myriad  of  responsibilities   to  the  same  high  standards  in  the  same   and courses cover:
      and ensuring teams are trained across all   methods, usually by the same people!
      these specialist disciplines is crucial.  The                             Apprenticeships
      biggest issue can be time for the training   It is now an area I can actually enjoy being   Electrical & Mechanical
      especially as maintaining systems can take   involved  in and  seeing  the  results  speaks
      up  so  much  of  it.   The  training  needs  of   volumes.               Gas & Energy
      healthcare  sites  can  also  be  particularly
      complex;  multi-sites  with  multi  utilities   Viktors   Nikolajevs,   Group   Training   Health, Safety & Confined Spaces
      across  all  these  sites  can  make  training   Manager, Develop Training said:  Multi-Utility
      difficult from a logistics point especially.
                                         “The  Healthcare sector is not only complex   Leadership & Management
      SOLUTIONS AND FUTURE               but  extremely demanding  as  all  areas  of
      PROOFING  –  NOT  JUST  TRAINING   utilities have to be working at 100%, 100%   Water & Environmental
      FOR NOW.                           of  the  time,    maintenance  is  critical  to  the
                                         smooth running and training is a crucial part
      Steve Metcalfe, Estates Officer,   of that.
      Scarborough Hospital, said:
      “We’ve worked with  Develop  Training  for   Our  trainers have  worked  in  this unique
      a couple of years now and as an extremely   sector  themselves  so  understand  first  hand   ESTATES AND
      busy manager juggling lots of responsibilities   the very special requirements and problems   FACILITIES MANAGEMENT
      having Develop as our training provider has   facilities  managers  face.    We  develop   TRAINING COURSES
      simplified the whole process - they offer all   programmes with the sector - for the sector,   Specialist training courses in Electrical, Mechanical,
                                                                                           H&S, Gas, Legionella and much more
      the utility training we need so it’s one supplier   and  continually  evolve  and  ensure  they  are
      for all  our needs  which  saves  me so  much   relevant and fit for purpose whilst keeping an
      time.  They also work with us to future proof   eye on the future needs too”.
      our workforce ensuring we are not only fit for
      purpose but ahead of the game and aware of   If you would like to know more about how
      new legislations and training needs this may   Develop  can  help  support  you  and  your
      bring.                             facilities managers contact us today!
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