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    Welcome to JTL...

    Our  primary  purpose  is  to  provide
    educational,   training   and   certification
    programmes  that  strengthen  and  elevate
    standards  and  safety  across  a  broad   Power  Up  is  a  free  online  resource  to participate in refresher training or to learn
    spectrum  of  technical  industries.  The  JTL   offering   bite-size   digital   courses  a new skill set.
    Group is uniquely positioned to support the
    career-long training of you and your team.  designed  for  those  working  within  the
                                            sector.  You  can  sign  up  to  participate  “As more individuals gain similar professional
     OUR PROGRAMMES                         as  a  way  of  developing  your  existing  qualifications,   continued   development
    Our  divisions  are  experts  in  delivering
    apprenticeship,   continual   professional   knowledge and upskilling.        becomes more important as a  way for
    development (CPD) and safety certification                                    employees  to  remain  competitive,  while
    programmes  to  the  building  engineering   The  free  courses  each  involve  online  giving  installers the  ability to  diversify the
    services,  utilities,  oil  and  gas,  food  and
    pharmaceuticals  sectors.  We  are  invested   learning and offer an introductory video,  services  that  they  offer.  We  want  to  be
    in enhancing your skillset and future of your   as well as interactive content including  here for  the industry, not just during  their
    industry. Our programmes provide scalable   animated   videos   and   knowledge  apprenticeship but throughout their career.
    progression for individuals and businesses.
                                            checks, with digital badges awarded on  We’re looking forward to providing the sector
     OUR VALUES                             successful completion. The courses are  with more free bite-size courses.”
    Everything  we  do  is  guided  by  our  core   focused  on  the  electrical  industry  and
    values of integrity, professionalism, respect   include topics such as, ‘Safe Isolation’ and  The  new online  learning  portal  is  part
    and responsiveness.
                                            ‘Inspection  and  Testing’.  Other  courses  of JTL’s commitment to further support
     OUR VISION                             focus  on  new  technologies  and  form  a  the building services engineering sector
    Our vision is to be the training organisation   series  focused  on  the  changing  world  by offering free advice and educational
    of  choice,  through  the  provision  of  high-
    quality  programmes  that  are  unrivalled   of  an  electrician.  This  series  includes:  resources.
    within the sectors we serve.            Electric Vehicle  Charging  Points,  Smart
                                            Homes Cable Innovation and Fire Safety.  For  more  information  on  Power  Up
    Founded  in  1990  our  reputation  has  been                                 and  to  access  the  full  suite  of Toolbox
    earned  through  30 years  of  apprenticeship   Liam Sammon, Director of Learning and  resources,  including  business  tips,
    and training programmes. Our programmes   Innovation at JTL, said:            technical advice and industry news, visit
    are recognised and respected both in the UK                         
    and globally.  Our not-for-profit division, JTL,
    has educated several generations of building   “Creating  a  learning-focused  culture  that
    services engineers and to date is the most   values internal progression has huge benefits
    adopted  training  programme  in  the  sector.   for both individuals and businesses, so we’re
    To  enhance  our  proposition  and  provide
    a  complete  career-long  training  solution   excited to have launched Power Up. The free
    we acquired CompEx in 2014 and Develop   taster courses can be done at home in your
    Training in 2019.                       own time, so are a fantastic way for installers
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