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Develop are proud to launch
                                                                                 the first of our first ‘Blended
                                                                                 Learning’ programmes along
                                                                                 with further ‘Virtual’ Courses.

    Trade Up                                                                     These courses allow the opportunity to learn
                                                                                 at your own pace and help reduce costs by
                                                                                 reducing downtime.
    your business
                                                                                 The pilot course AP15b - Authorised Person
    with a JTL                                                                   HV Industrial & Commercial has seen
                                                                                 the number of days of in centre training
    Apprenticeship                                                               reduce from 5 days to 3, with 2 days being
                                                                                 completed in the learner’s own time and at

                                                                                 their own pace online.  This is followed by
                                                                                 a 3 day block comprising of 2 days practical
    JTL have been established for just over                                      training and a final assessment day.
    30 years and currently work with 8,000
                                                                                 The following courses are available for
    learners, over 3,800 employers and train more                                blended/virtual learning:
    apprentices than anyone else in the building                                 •   AP15b Authorised Person HV
                                                                                    Industrial & Commercial
    services engineering sector.
                                                                                 •   Confined Space
                                                                                 •   Water Jetting
    They offer a range of work-based                                             •   MoD Gas Foundation
                                                                                 •   National Water Hygiene
    apprenticeships such as electrical, plumbing                                 •   Utility SHEA
    and heating and property maintenance across                                         (Gas, Water, Telecoms, Cross  Country)
                                                                                 •   DSEAR
    England and Wales. JTL are passionate about
                                                                                 •   GNEM2 & 3
    apprenticeships and encouraging businesses                                   •   GNIM1
    to see the difference taking on an apprentice                                •   Electricity at Work Regulations
                                                                                 •   Electrical Awareness
    could make to your business.                                                 •   Legionella & ACOP L8 Awareness
                                                                                 •   HV Awareness for Managers
    JTL’s team are on hand to assist you every
                                                                                       To find out more visit
    step of the way and help you find the ideal                              
    candidate for your business needs. By
    assigning a dedicated training officer who will
    be your port of call and the main contact for
    both you and your apprentice, they can help to
    ease some of the management of taking on an

    So why not ‘Trade Up’ and take
    on an apprentice with JTL.                If you have a story you would like to share

                                             and appear in our next issue, please contact
    Visit or call                           us at:
    0800 085 2308 to speak to a
    member of our friendly team.     

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