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JTL is urging employers to rebuild for                                      CompEx launches new
     a better future now more than ever,
     due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,                                       flexible online course
     there are thousands of jobseekers
     looking to upskill and employers                                            Certification body, CompEx has continued to
     looking to secure their businesses.                                         adapt to the on-going pandemic by developing
                                                                                 a  more  flexible  means  of  accessing  its  ExF
     During the recent National Apprenticeship Week                              CompEx Foundation Course.
     (8-14th February 2021), leading national training
     provider, JTL, encouraged employers to act now to                           To ensure that professional development can
     build for a better future.                                                  still be carried out, the new remote version of
                                                                                 the  ExF  assessment  can  now  be  completed
     After a year of challenges and uncertainty, JTL is                          online  in  the  comfort  and  safety  of  the
     encouraging employers to rebuild their business for                         learner’s home or place of work. The theory-
     a brighter and better future by utilising the recently                      only course, which takes between one and two
     extended incentives being offered by government of                          days to complete, is suitable for technical and
     up to £3000 for taking on an apprentice before the                          non-technical personnel. It has been designed
     end of September. Any employers who hire a new                              to  provide  an  introduction  into  potentially
     apprentice between 1 April 2021 and 30 September                            explosive environments where gases, vapours
     2021 will receive £3,000 per new hire, regardless of                        and dust are present.
     the apprentice’s age. Employing an apprentice not
     only fur ther supports the individual business and                          The  flexible  online  course  does  not  require
     learner, but it also helps the wider Covid-19 economic                      dedicated  software.  The  learner  will  receive
     recovery plan.                                                              a  weblink  and  keycode  by  email  to  sit  the
                                                                                 examination.  Learners  will  be  allocated  a
     JTL’s chief executive, Jon Graham, said:                                    dedicated CompEx centre, which will monitor
     “Since JTL was established in 1990, we have                                 them  during  the  examination  using  video
     trained around 60,000 apprentices in the                                    conferencing  to  ensure  the  necessary  rules
     building services engineering sector, witnessing                            are adhered to.
     thousands of people reach their potential and                               Huw Bement, director at CompEx, said: “Since
     progress in a variety of careers they love. Yet,                            the outbreak of Covid-19, many training centres
     this past year, JTL has recognised more than                                have adapted  to  the  pandemic  by providing
     ever the pivotal role trade professionals play in                           online  tuition  using  video  conferencing  and
     carrying out essential work, with apprentices                               virtual  classroom  platforms.  To  support  this,
     proving invaluable during the on-going                                      we  are  pleased  to  now  launch  our  first  web-
     pandemic.                                                                   based assessment and provide a full end-to-end
                                                                                 learner experience. The Foundation Certificate is
     “And, as we all hope, we start to conquer                                   one of our most popular ones, so we hope this
     this virus, traditional trade roles will be                                 news will be well-received and encourage more
     needed more than ever, and apprentices will                                 employers  to  take  advantage  of  this  flexible
     continue to address skills gaps whilst creating                             course and assessment.  “The ExF is a great way
     sustainable employment opportunities across                                 of providing employees with the basic awareness
                                                                                 and understanding of the key aspects of working
     countless sectors. As part of JTL’s support to                              in  and  around  hazardous  areas. As  there  is  no
     ensure a pipeline of skilled tradespeople, we                               practical element to this short course, it means
     are on-hand to speak to employers who are                                   that  both  the  instruction  and  the  assessment
     keen to invest in the training and development                              can  be  effectively  undertaken  remotely.  The
     of an apprentice”.                                                          adaptable  online  delivery  and  examination  of

                                             If you have a story you would like to share   this course not only benefits learners as it offers
     JTL is one of the largest work-based learning   and appear in our next issue, please contact   flexibility during these uncertain times, but also
     providers in England and Wales. It currently has                            allows our centres to still run courses and accept
     some 8,000 learners and works with over 3,500   us at:  candidates  as  there  is  no  need  for  them  to be
     businesses, training more apprentices than anyone in                        onsite”.
     the building services engineering sector.
                                                                                 For  more  information  about  the  ExF
     If you are an employer looking to take on an                                Foundation  course  and  to  register  your
     apprentice, visit for                          interest:
     information on getting started with an apprentice,  visit
     costs and funding, and much more.                                           f-foundation-certificate/
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