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tRIIO  has  also  been  able  to  delegate  much  of  the  day-to-day
       responsibility for training to line managers in the field. Managers
       can  now  access  BookIT  directly.  They  can  compare  course
       availability  with  the  identified  training  needs  of  operatives
       and make bookings directly onto appropriate courses. In the
       event  that  specific  courses  are  unavailable  line  managers
       can now instantly request additional training via the portal.
       These requests are passed directly to tRIIO’s.

       Learning & Development teams are able to review them
       quickly  and  efficiently,  authorising  or  declining  training  as
       appropriate in line with legislative and corporate requirements
       and available budgets.

       Data  relating  to  course  attendances  and  outcomes  can  now  be
       easily  accessed  and,  where  necessary,  management  action  taken
       quickly  and  effectively. The  portal  also  provides  a  clear view  of  the
       compliance levels of operatives and a time-line for their reassessment or
       further training.

       Jo, said: “Using BookIT has had a massive impact on the efficiency and
       delivery of our technical training services. In particular, the user friendly
       web-based platform provides our users with a quick and easy method of   “I’m proud of the relationship we have
      identifying training requirements and booking courses. This has resulted in   with Develop, everything they were
      us streamlining the overall process, through which we booked almost 2,000   asked to do they delivered.  We have a
      training dates on within the first three months of using the system a huge
      achievement in a short space of time.  An integral part of BookIt was the   partnership based on trust and honesty,
      creation of the PDR portal, this revolutionised the way personal development   and together have made a huge impact
      was managed within the business, taking it from a time consuming       on managing the training needs of over
      spreadsheet based system to a fully automated, paperless, efficient and   4,500 staff as part of tRIIO - a mammoth
      intuitive system.  Automated emails were triggered at various points in the   task made much much easier by the
      process to ensure a holistic approach was maintained through the whole PDR   introduction of BookIt - an absolute
      journey; it proved to be extremely efficient and saved countless hours and         game changer”.
      without a doubt improved the whole management and impact of PDR’s”.
                                                                                      Joanne Green - tRIIO
      “We also worked with Develop on an online induction booking process, this
      added  efficiency  to  tRIIO’s  business  through  increased  data  accuracy,  with
      the added benefit of supporting our drive to become a greener company by
      reducing the amount currently used in association with booking training.”

      John Kerr, Managing Director, Develop Training, said: “I remember back
      in 2016 first discussing the project with Joanne and distintly recall her
      enthusiam for the project, despite its scale she knew even then it had the
      ability to change the way training was managed, designed and delivered; and
      it most certinaly has. Joanne should be exceptionally proud of this project; 8
      years is a long time in any sector, especially utilities and seeing this project
      through from concept to project completion is a huge acheivement.  It’s also
      testament to the open and honest relationship we have had throughout and
      I am especially proud of the difference BookIT has made to tRIIO  and the
      savings it has made as a consequence”.

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