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     FREE                                   LEADER
                                              HOW TO BE AN INSPIRATIONAL


     We’re      offering    you     the
     opportunity for a one-hour, free
     virtual   consultation    meeting
     with  our  resident  Leadership
     &  Management  expert,  Steph
     Kingdon. You’ll  have  the  chance
     to    discuss    your    business/
     teams’  needs  and  Steph  can
     help you work out the best way
     to  transform  your  employees’
                                                                                     leading to improved performance
     performance      and     maximise      Highly  motivated,  competent         •  inspire and motivate our learners to
                                            and successful people contribute
     business success - and there’s no      to successful organisations!             achieve more
     obligation to use our services.                                              •  enable our learners to adjust to
                                            Absolutely everybody in every business   change
     Steph says,                            can  benefit  from  taking  time  out  to   We  have  extensive  experience  of
     “With  over 25  years helping          reflect  on  their  strengths/weaknesses   evaluating  individual  and  business
                                            to  learn  improvement  techniques  and
     businesses  to  develop  their talent   self-reflection  to  equip  themselves  to   training needs and can, therefore, adjust
                                                                                  and  expand  our  current  modules  to
     by utilising my extensive academic     perform to their optimum and meet the   address your specific business needs.
     achievements     and    experience,    challenges  of  these  disruptive  times  of
                                            change and uncertainty.
     clients come to me when they want                                            Our  modules  can    be    structured    and
                                                                                  timetabled according to your workplace
     an  expert  with  an  enviable  track   Leadership & Management Modules      requirements,  and  can  be  delivered
     record  of  creating  inspirational    You  might  be  considering  a  leadership   online,  at  one  of  our  centres  or,  to
                                            role as your next career step, or maybe
     managers  and  high  performing        you’re  in  a  leadership  position  already   minimise  employee  ‘downtime’,  on  site
                                                                                  at your premises.  a
     teams.”                                and finding it difficult to move your team
                                            forward in these volatile, uncertain and
     BOOK YOUR                              complex times.                        DOWNLOAD OUR BRAND NEW

                                                                                  LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT
   SPACE TODAY                              If you’re interested in finding out more  BROCHURE TODAY: https://www.
                                            about  leadership  and  management
                                            then we  can  help you  to  explore what  leadership-and-management
                                            makes a good leader, recognise common
                                            leadership  challenges,  and  identify  the
                                            skills you need to develop yourself and

                                            Develop  Training provides creative and
                                            innovative training solutions combining          TALENT DEVELOPMENT
                                            academic,  evidence  based  psychology            PROGRAMMES 2021
                                            and  learning  theories  with  practical        Nurturing individual potential to create inspirational
                                            workplace  applications  to  maximise             managers and high performing teams
                                            the  after  learning  impact.  Our  ‘menu’
                                            of managerial, leadership  and  personal
                                            effectiveness    modules  have  been
                                            designed to:

                                            •  promote ‘growth mindsets’ and self-
                                            •  enhance behavioural changes                             developtraininglimited
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