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Whilst still wearing my ‘health and safety’   Permitry  is  a  requirement  for  many  of   their  reputation,  and  the  potential  loss  of
    hat,  I  noticed  that  there  had  been  an   our  clients,  and  there  is  a  constant  flow   subsequent  business.  It  is  designed  to  be
    increase in the number of manual handling   of  courses  delivered  to  a  wide  range  of   very interactive, with 27 built in activities,
    injuries suffered by the work force, but there   individuals, some of whom have a wealth of   all completed in small groups.
    was no current training available. Together   technical knowledge, and some none at all.
    with  a  colleague,  who  normally  delivered
    ‘soft skills’ training, we designed a package   On  the  delivery  side  of  training,  I  have
    that  was  appealing  and  interactive,  and   worked with many groups of people whilst
    delivered it across the UK to all operatives;   at Develop, ranging from new apprentices
    this  helped  to  substantially  reduce  the   to  experienced  MD’s.  I  also  meet  with
    number of injuries and painful conditions.  potential and existing customers to discuss
                                          their training needs, and produce a package
    Tell us about your time at Develop    that suits their individual needs, and often
    I was  transferred  under TUPE  to  Develop   this can then be adapted to suit the needs
    Training,  as  they  had  just  won  a  large   of a different client whilst maintaining their
    training  contract  and  required  additional   individuality;  the  core  remains  the  same,
    staff with  a  gas  background. That was  15   because  it  is  based  on  current  legislation.
    years ago, and I haven’t looked back since!  We  have  recently  completed  a  couple  of
                                          short films for clients, where the aim was
    I brought experience of delivering training   the same, but the corporate circumstances
    packages with  me,  including  technical  gas   were different.
    specific subjects, but also health and safety
    such  as  IOSH  Managing  Safely,  which  I   I  also  maintain  a  health  and  safety  role
    have delivered to many Develop customers,   within Develop Training and chair the H&S
    including our own staff.              Committee.
                                                                                One of the great advantages of this course,
    My  aim  has  always  been  to  make  health   What are you looking forward to?  is  that  it  significantly  reduces  the  amount
    and safety interesting - even amusing - as   The  newest  and  most  exciting  training   of down time compared with other courses
    it  is  actually  about  how  people  behave,   package for me has to be the IOSH Safety,   with similar objectives.
    and sometimes changing those behaviours,   Health  and  Environment  for  Construction
    rather  than  swallowing  large  chunks  of   Site  Managers;  this  is  a  five-day  IOSH   Another  advantage  is  that  because  it  is
    undigestible legislation; I am pleased to say   certificated course that really makes people   quite  intense,  it  maintains  the  delegates’
    that feedback tends to confirm that people   think  about  their  potential  actions,  and   interest and focus, and stretches them by
    enjoy and find my delivery both informative   the  consequences  of  them  going  wrong;   taking  them  out  of  their  normal  ‘comfort
    and enjoyable.                        the  financial  penalties  and  damage  to   zones’.

    EXCITING                    MENTS


    There is a lot of excitement building around Develops portfolio of training centres,
    as we have some significant investments in our centres, which has been allocated
    to extensive upgrades.

    Derby is first in line for a full refurbishment which will include a new roof, and
    the creation of an additional 20% of floorspace. All areas of the building will be
    upgraded, with the training of our customers at the heart of the new and modern
    design, which will facilitate an enhanced training experience for all of our staff,
    delegates and visitors to the centre ensuring our Derby centre is a centre of
    excellence in every way.

    Our Burn Hall centre in York is also on the list of centres to be fully renovated
    following a similar approach, however we will be making better use of the vast
    space we have available there to build new buildings along with the refurbishment
    of some existing space.

    All of Develops other centres are currently under review and we are looking
    forward to sharing further news around these as the details emerge - please keep
    your eyes peeled for updates over the coming weeks and months!
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