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        UTILTIES PROGRAMME                                     5TH ED. MSCC5

              SHOWS RESULTS!                                   CERTIFICATES NEEDED

    Develop Training is seeing the first signs of success from   FROM THE START OF AMP7
    a  national  training  programme  designed  to  champion   Drainage  firms  are  being  urged  to  book  staff  onto  training
    women in the utilities industry. The Women in Utilities    courses  designed  to  upgrade  them  to  the  latest  edition  of
    success programme initially offered free places to eight
    female candidates keen to progress in this traditionally   Domestic  Drains,  Pipe  Sewer  and  Brick  Sewer  Condition
    male-dominated industry.                                   Classification certification as soon as possible to ensure that
                                                               they remain eligible to compete for new tenders.
    Now, the first woman to be accepted on the programme
    last year, Annie Thompson (29), from Leeds, is celebrating   A number of WaSCs have adopted the position that anybody
    a  major  promotion  from  her  administrative  role  with   undertaking  a  drain  or  sewer  inspection  and  condition
    Northern  Gas  Networks  to  managing  contracts  on  gas   classification  is  expected  to  hold  the  fifth  edition  MSCC
    holder demolition sites.
                                                               certification from the start of AMP7. While those who hold
                                                               the  fourth  edition  will  still  be  eligible  to  tender  until  April
                                                               2022,  their  employers  will  be  required  to  demonstrate  a
                                                               structured  plan  to  show  that  they  will  have  achieved  their
                                                               required  certification  by  that  date.  Anybody  who  holds  an
                                                               MSCC3 certificate or older will not be considered.

                                                               Develop,  which  is  part  of  the  JTL  Group  and  has  centres
                                                               nationwide, runs four drain and sewer condition classification
                                                               courses  for  CCTV  survey  team  leaders,  rig  managers  and
                                                               quality  controllers  and  is  reporting  a  steady  stream  of
                                                               bookings for the rest of the year and into 2021. All courses -
                                                               one of which is a pipe sewer five-day classification to MSCC5
                                                               course and the other a two-day pipe sewer conversion course
    Annie  believes  her  promotion  would  not  have  been    designed to upgrade learners certified to a previous edition -
    possible  without  the  excellent  support  provided  by
    Develop at its Derby training centre. And, after starting   are held at Develop’s training centres in York, Derby, Swindon
    her new dream job earlier this month, she is urging any    &  Manchester,  in  accordance  with  strict  social  distancing
    women with similar ambitions in any industry sector to     requirements.
    go and do it.
                                                               Daryll  Garavan,  Group  Training  Manager,  Utilities,  said:  “A
    “We  need  to  squash  these  male-female  stereotypes  in   number  of  WaSCs  have  adopted  the  position  that
    this  day  and  age,”  she  said.  “It  might  feel  daunting  for   anybody undertaking a drain or sewer inspection and
    many  women  to  enter  a  traditionally  male-dominated   condition classification is expected to hold the MSCC5
    world – but it’s certainly not like it used to be any more.  certification  by  the  start  of  AMP7,  which  means
    I’ve had absolutely no negative reactions on site – quite   that companies which do not send their staff for the
    the opposite in fact. And even with me being less than five   appropriate training will lose out on work later down
    feet tall, often tumbling out of those big vans, nobody bats   the line.
    an eyelid.” Annie continued “The training from Develop
    has been amazing, and the fact that they are willing to    “We are the leading provider of training in this industry
    support women getting into these roles is just fantastic.”  and,  following  the  announcement  we  have  seen  an
                                                               increase  in  demand  for our  training  courses  from
    A study from the Energy and Utilities Skills Partnership   companies whose staff have yet to upgrade to the fifth
    which found that just 17 per cent of the workforce in the   edition.
    utilities sector were female, and 99 per cent of “craft” or
    technical roles were held by men. This compares with a     “We have had to make a few changes due to COVID19,
    UK workforce average of 47 per cent women.                 but  we  are  able  to  continue  running  our  courses  by
                                                               implementing socially distanced seating plans and using
    To find out more about Develop Training, its Women         face screens, so there is no question of the pandemic
    in Utilities success programme and other training          getting in the way of companies’ need to upgrade their
    schemes it operates around the UK, please visit www.       workforce to the new edition.”
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