Plug into the high growth EV charging industry

   03 February 2022         News

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as consumers look for new ways to become ‘greener’ as well as reduce rising fuel bills, because of this, the demand for electric vehicle charging points is also increasing.

The UK’s current infrastructure is insufficient to cope with growing demand and this has opened up a lucrative opportunity for electrical contractors.

Despite electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV’s) only accounting for a small share of the new car market, more and more people are buying into and investing in green alternatives in their day-to-day lives, particularly the vehicles that they drive.

Figures have steadily grown during recent years and this looks set to continue in the coming years.

Lack of available EV charging infrastructure in the UK

Although the EV market is growing, one of the main concerns amongst the public is the lack of available charging infrastructure.

This presents a lucrative opportunity for skilled electricians who are qualified in installing electric charging points to accommodate homes and businesses that may require the much needed infrastructure.

Who can install an electric vehicle charge point?

The simple answer is that any qualified, experienced electrician can. Having this skill within your arsenal can be a lucrative opportunity for such individuals.

As more and more people turn to electric vehicles, more charge points will need installing, thus creating increased work for qualified electricians!

Download our handy flowchart that shows how you can plug into this growing industry and become a qualified EV charge point installer.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point Installer training

Develop Training offer a Level 3 Award in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (City & Guilds 2919-01).

This is a 2 day training course for practicing electricians to gain an understanding of the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment (4th edition), covering legislation, design, selection and commissioning of the final installation.

The course covers all the key skills to install, fault find and inspect and test electric vehicle charging points.

Professional accreditations