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Our Internal Quality Assurance and Audit team (IQAA) objectively monitor and assess the teaching, learning and assessment activities that our delegates undertake whilst they are attending our training programmes. The team measure against industry standards, rules and requirements meaning that all delegates and employers can rest assured that they are receiving industry-leading training provision.

The team act independently and have a systematic approach to self-assessment and internal audit to ensure that these practices are maintained at the highest standard possible and comply with the specified requirements of Develop Training’s Teaching, Learning, and Assessment ‘Code of Practice’ and its external auditors or regulators.

‘Three Lines of Defence’ Quality Assurance Model

Develop places ‘consistency’ and ‘improvement’ at the heart of its training delivery. This, alongside a supportive and collaborative feedback culture means that there is a strong commitment from everyone across the business to maintain a high quality of delivery and continuously improve. In short, Internal Quality Assurance is a vital component to our training operation.

Develop’s Internal Quality Assurance & Audit (IQAA) Team credits their success to their ‘Three-Lines of Defence’ approach to quality assurance:

This unique approach from a private technical training provider has resulted in the business being viewed as a ‘Low Risk’ centre with the Awarding Organisations’ it works with.

Employers who use Develop for their training can rest assured that:

  • All delegates are treated fairly and consistently
  • Trainers and Assessors are adhering to best practices, and internal guidance and policies
  • Course delivery is standardised
  • Assessments are marked fairly and in line with the relevant requirements

EQA Testimonials

What does the Internal Quality Assurance & Audit Team do?

Finance Apprentice VacancyDevelop’s Quality Assurance Auditors work with the training delivery teams to undertake focused self-assessments of the quality of the technical training and assessment being delivered. This is done in preparation for the independent internal and external audits of our accredited programmes of learning.

The QAA team also provide support to the business as it focuses on its ISO accreditation in 9001, 45001, and 27001.

The ‘3-Lines of Defence’ methodology has been so successful that the team have provided external quality assurance consultation services to;

  • Network Plus – the team focused on the observation of the quality of their Tutor’s teaching, learning, and assessment. Learn more
  • CompEx – the team currently provide independent external quality assurance for their training centres delivering electrical safety in explosive atmospheres to their learners.


The team currently work with the following Awarding Organisations:

  • City & Guilds
  • EUSR
  • IOSH
  • Water Jetting Association
  • British Water

Together these provide Develop with the risk-based assurance of nineteen accredited schemes that cover 80 qualifications delivered to over 8,000 learners every academic year.

An Internal Quality Assurer aims to ensure quality and consistency of training and management by monitoring all aspects of programme delivery. This involves everything from the pre-course communications and materials a delegate receives, to the content of the training course itself all the way through to the assessments and certification.

IQA’s help with the standardisation process, ensuring that the course content delivered is consistent between trainers and that assessments are carrier out in a fair and consistent manner.

Internal Quality Assurance is integral for maintaining the integrity of training and assessment within an organisation. If quality assurance isn’t happening, then there are risks to the accuracy, consistency, and fairness of training and assessment. This can then potentially cause significant disadvantages to delegates and their employers.

Employers need to be able to trust their training provider and that the training given is fair and consistent across the board. This means that if someone is awarded a particular qualification then they can trust they have the right skills and knowledge needed to have achieved that qualification and ultimately carry out the work it qualifies them to do.

It is common to find that training delivery issues can be traced back to a lack of quality assurance within an organisation.

This is why Develop Training has a team of IQA’s who continuously monitor and assess all aspects of training programme delivery.

While EQAs and IQAs both contribute to maintaining quality, IQAs focus on this internally, while EQAs work externally to uphold quality standards in education and training.

IQAs are responsible for self-auditing within their training organisation. They are typically responsible for checking, maintaining and improving the quality of the training or assessments provided by the provider they work for.

EQAs conduct audits on behalf of an awarding body, verifying the effectiveness of IQA processes and guaranteeing consistent qualification standards across providers. They aim to provide support, feedback, and guidance to provider whilst improving the quality of provision and assessment practices.

  1. A robust process ensures quality and consistency of training and assessment for delegates and their employers
  2. IQA’s ensure that assessment decisions are consistent and standardised
  3. It drives continuous improvement culture within the training provider

Meet the Team

Andy Holmes

Head of Business Risk and Assurance

With over 24 years in the training & education sector, Andy Holmes, Head of Business Risk and Assurance, brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to ensure robust risk management and quality assurance practices.

Nicola Smith

Quality Assurance Auditor

Following a successful career in the gas industry, Nicola is the Lead IQA for our ACS Gas courses. She also oversees our Electrotechnical Experienced Worker and Electric Vehicle Car Charging City and Guilds schemes.

Steve Smith

Quality Assurance Auditor

Steve looks after the Street Works and Gas qualifications for Develop. He has been with the business several years and moved around various departments during that time.

Graham Long

Quality Assurance Auditor

Graham has an extensive background in Mechanical Engineering within the Water Utility sector. He is responsible for Internal Quality Assurance of training and assessment documents, monitoring trainers and assessors, and developing training materials.

Dave Hudson

Quality Assurance Auditor

Dave has eight years experience in education and training, being with Develop for the last five. He has a wealth of experience in Smart Metering & Gas Network Operations and therefore provides quality assurance for these training areas.

Eric Tyson

Quality Assurance Auditor

Eric started his journey with Develop as a Trainer in the Low Voltage (LV) Electrical Team before moving over to the IQAA team in 2021. Eric is the lead IQA for the Estates & FM team, but also quality assures many of Develop’s Water Systems courses.

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