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Local contacts for safeguarding young people and links to safeguarding information

Please ensure all Safeguarding or PREVENT reports/issues are coordinated and made through the Develop Training Single Point of Contact.

Local contacts to our training centres are shown below, should you be aware of a safeguarding issue, or need advice and guidance locally, please search for the local authority contacts in the area where the young person at risk lives.

Safeguarding issues reported to colleagues must be passed to the corresponding "Local Authority Designated Officer" or LADO within 24 hours if they relate to concerns about staff working with children or young people. Any other safeguarding issues relating to children or a young person must be passed to the corresponding Child Protection Service.

Links to advice that is local to our training centres

For general support to individuals or young persons see the NSPCC or Childline websites.

Safety information

For general safety information see the HSE website, or you can see health and safety information particular to young persons.

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