Say hello to Stuart Reilly, HV/LV Electrical Trainer

14 March 2024     News

Say hello to Stuart Reilly, HV/LV Electrical Trainer

Introducing Stuart Reilly who has joined Develop as an HV/LV Electrical Trainer. 

Stuart began his career journey as an electrical apprentice at the age of 16, going on to amass over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry. His professional background includes working in various capacities, from NHS Trusts to building sites and contracting roles. 

Having been a former delegate of Develop Training, Stuart actively participated in several HV/LV courses, notably our Electrical Authorised Person courses. This training propelled him within the NHS Trust, where he assumed the crucial role of Authorised Person: Electrician. A pivotal moment in his career came when five hospital buildings lost power and, as the Authorised Person, it was down to him to resolve the issue and get the power turned back on. Thankfully Stuart was quickly able to resolve the issue and then over the following five weeks he painstakingly installed a range of tools and systems to ensure power incidents would not be an issue for the hospital again. 

After years of guiding apprentices in the electrical field, Stuart parted ways with the NHS and moved to a role focused on training apprentices at Oxford Advance Skills. Later on, he moved over to another training provider. However, seeking a role closer to home, Stuart has embraced the opportunity at Develop. 

Expressing his enthusiasm, Stuart said, “I’m happy, excited, and eager to get stuck in at Develop. As a former delegate, I know the quality Develop provides, and I am looking forward to being a part of the team!” 

A fun fact about Stuart – in his teenage years, he was an advanced snorkeler, although he couldn’t take the exams to become a trainer at the time because he was too young.  

Stuart moved out of London 8 years ago and married his now wife in August 2022. Since moving out of the big city Stuart has found enjoyment in fishing and spending time in the countryside. 

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