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Unlocking career advancement with Authorised Person courses

   05 February 2024         Blogs

Authorised Person courses can help those operating in a Competent Person role to elevate their career to the next level. The qualification can also be an add-on to an existing role for those working as an Estates Officer or a Supervisor. The courses allow individuals to supervise other members of the team or take on greater responsibilities on-site to ensure a safe working environment. These courses also benefit the wider business by providing assurance that the team is operating on-site in a compliant manner.

The purpose of Authorised Person courses

Develop Training’s Authorised Person courses are designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to manage, operate and maintain the electrical systems they work with safely.

All courses are City & Guild’s accredited and designed in accordance with the required legal guidelines, such as Electricity at Work Regulations 1998. This ensures that the learning materials are in-line with industry standards and provides assured quality for the business that the delegate is working as part of.

The qualification serves as a gateway for professionals seeking to expand their current responsibilities and skillset, as well as contribute to the overall safety of their working environment.

Sector-specific and bespoke AP courses

Develop’s Authorised Person courses span across areas including Healthcare (AP5 & AP6), Ministry of Defence (MoD) Estates and Facilities (AP1) and Industrial and Commercial (AP15), as well as Low Voltage (AP12) and High Voltage (AP15b) qualifications.

For those operating in healthcare environments, Develop’s sector-specific Authorised Person courses cover the updated HTM 06-03 and 06-02 guidelines, ensuring that individuals are qualified to supervise on-site and are equipped with the knowledge around the design, installation and maintenance of a variety of healthcare technologies.

The MoD Estates and Facilities Authorised Person course includes crucial learning materials, such as Mandatory Safety Regulations and procedures from JSP 375 Vol. 3, that delegates can apply to their working environment.

In addition, Develop’s Commercial Authorised Person course helps delegates to comprehend the compliance needed for practical work through training around legal guidelines, such as the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

A blended approach to skill development

When undertaking training, we understand that being classroom-based allows delegates to learn in an interactive environment, providing key opportunities to receive immediate feedback from the course trainer.

Our workshop-centric learning approach continues to play a significant role in the training and assessment stages of our Authorised Person courses. Delegates benefit from being able to ask our trainers about any queries they have, while being exposed to real-life scenarios from the trainers’ expertise.

Benefits of Authorised Person courses for delegates

Undertaking an Authorised Person course with Develop offers numerous advantages for delegates, such as:

  1. Gaining a deeper understanding of industry legislation, ensuring compliance and adherence to safety regulations for that particular industry
  2. Developing the ability to enhance communication with team members through a shared knowledge base and a common understanding of required safety guidelines
  3. Learning at an adaptable pace with the flexibility of blended training, accommodating for busy working schedules
  4. Acquiring the ability to apply safety guidelines in real-world scenarios, creating a safer working environment for both the delegate and their wider team
  5. Gaining real-world knowledge from highly experienced trainers, providing insights and practical knowledge essential for career development and growth

Benefits of Authorised Person courses for businesses

Businesses are equally able to benefit from putting their team members forward to undertake one of our Authorised Person courses, including:

  1. Opportunity to have a Bespoke Training designed by Develop that is tailored to the specific requirements and safety systems of the business
  2. Ensuring compliance with industry legislations and guidelines, mitigating risks around health and safety practices of those working on the premises
  3. Receiving an independent recommendation of an employee’s suitability as an Authorised Person, validating their competence and upskilling the current workforce
  4. Improving the documentation, communication and enforcement of safe working procedures, contributing to an elevated and compliant work environment

Develop offers a range of Authorised Person courses across a wide-range of sectors, covering:

Those operating as a Competent Person can take the next step in their career by undertaking an Authorised Person course to unlock a new set of skills, gain increased responsibility and improve the safety of the working environment that their team operates in.

To find out more about the Authorised Person training courses that Develop offers, please visit here:

Our locations

High Voltage electrical training can be delivered at our York, Swindon and Scotland training centres.

Low Voltage electrical training can be delivered at the majority of our training centres including York, Essex, Derby, Birmingham, Norwich and Swindon. View Develop’s centre locations here:

We also have use of all our parent company, JTL’s UK-wide centres, including those in Hull, Nottingham, Orpington, Oxford & Yeovil. For the full list of JTL centres please visit:


Meet the team : Mark Fear

   17 October 2023         Blogs

Mark Fear

On this month’s Meet the team blog, we’re introducing one of our electrical trainers, Mark Fear.

Career overview

Mark’s career journey began with studying Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth, before he ventured into a role as an operative at Cadbury’s, where he worked for a total of six years. Deciding to swap chocolates for education, a shift in career led Mark to become a PE teacher, teaching both primary and secondary students. Later, his aspiration to become an engineer led him to undertake electrical training, before becoming a qualified electrician in 2013. Working as a domestic, commercial, and industrial electrician Mark has gained a wide array of electrical qualifications throughout his career.

Joining Develop

 Recognising an opportunity to combine his qualifications as an electrician with his teaching background, Mark joined Develop in March 2022. Keen to make a meaningful impact, Mark was eager to contribute to the electrical industry by passing on his knowledge and skills to aspiring electricians.

Mark explains, “Empowering the next generation with knowledge is the spark that lights the path to a brighter future in any field. I want to help inspire those working in the LV electrical field that it’s not only the technical know-how that they need but also the dedication and commitment to excel in an industry where precision and safety are paramount.”

Bridging experience and quality training

Mark’s dual experience as a teacher and a qualified electrician is invaluable in his role and sets him apart as a Trainer. Mark understands first-hands that simply imparting knowledge isn’t enough, instead he utilises a range of engaging and hands-on teaching methods to transform the learning process and ensures delegates are able to actively try their hand at electrical activities.

Mark’s classes are a dynamic blend of traditional teaching and practical application. Delegates are not merely passive observers but active participants in their learning. The typical structure of his sessions involves a stimulating 30-40 minutes of teacher-led presentations, where he imparts a theoretical understanding of the subject matter. This is followed by the practical element of the training whereby delegates have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves, grab their tools, and put their newfound knowledge into action.

It’s here that theory becomes reality, where concepts become skills, and where Mark’s guidance becomes invaluable. This practical approach not only solidifies the learning but also instills a profound sense of confidence in his delegates, knowing that they are well-prepared to excel in their role when they return back to their day job.

Notable achievements

As a testament to his teaching, Mark was particularly pleased recently when one of his delegates announced that he had requested to join the course based on recommendations from three colleagues who had previously completed training with Mark. This in itself speaks volumes about the quality of teaching he provides.

Embracing green technologies

 Mark is passionate about integrating renewables into electrical training and qualifications. He believes it’s crucial for the new generation of electricians to be well-versed in new green technologies, as they play a vital role in shaping a more sustainable future for the trade industry.

Mark explains,

The electrical industry is at a crossroads, with the global shift towards sustainability and renewable energy sources becoming increasingly imperative. The new generation of electricians must be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this evolving terrain.

It’s no longer sufficient for them to be well-versed only in traditional electrical systems; they must also become proficient in harnessing the potential of green technologies. They also need to do this if they want to stay at the forefront of their career and future-proof their skill set.”

He continues,

I’m really looking forward to the next few years at Develop as we are soon going to be launching our own Renewable Energies division and this will mean training programmes in areas such as Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Air Source Heat Pumps and Thermal Stores. An exciting time for certain!”

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