The benefits of management development training

   28 July 2015        Blogs

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” Richard Branson.

Anybody with an account on LinkedIn will have seen the above sentiment at one point or another when someone in their network decided it was time to share another inspirational quote with the rest of their professional peers.

In this case, however, Richard Branson’s words will resonate with many of us.  As workers, we want to feel we’re developing in our careers, and we often want the support of our employers in order to do so.  If we feel we’re not developing at the pace we’d like to be, it can be frustrating and will prompt some to investigate job opportunities elsewhere.

The aim of businesses management development training is to increase productivity of all your employees by motivating and educating managers. As a manager’s confidence and ability increases, so does their ability to implement business strategies, control internal conflict and train their team to perform better.

There are many benefits to management development training, which include:

Increased productivity by creating a skilled workforce

By effectively training your managers, you position them better to train their own staff, creating a workforce that is fully aware of their own job responsibilities as well as their expectations.

Reduced workplace conflicts

Training in conflict resolution provides managers with the tools to run a department more efficiently. This type of training can increase confidence and effectiveness when dealing with angry, irate or distressed individuals. A manager with good interpersonal skills can help increase understanding between colleagues and smooth out workplace misunderstandings.

Reduced staff turnover by creating a motivated workforce

Management development training can directly impact staff morale, as we all feel more secure in a position where the business is spending money on personal growth and development.

“Leadership and management training is a vital element of any business operation.” says Imran Akram who heads up the management development programme at DTL, “Leaders who understand the best ways to train, motivate and manage are better positioned to run their teams efficiently, resulting in greater productivity. Your leaders will make things happen.”

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