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Gas Network Team Leaders apprenticeship

The main role of a Gas Network Distribution Team Leader is to safely build, maintain and repair the UK's gas network infrastructure to provide a reliable supply of gas to domestic, commercial and industrial users.

There are two main roles within the apprenticeship:

  • Team Leader Service Laying.
  • Team Leader Main Laying.


Duration: 12-18 months

Level: 2

Standards/Framework: Standards

Funding band: £9,000

Maths/English level required: 2

End point assessment:

  1. Portfolio 70%
  2. Knowledge Assessment 30%

Core requirements (both roles): Knowledge

  • Installation, testing, purging and commissioning procedures.
  • Legislation and codes of practice involved in the practical installation and maintenance of gas network assets.
  • Relevant health, safety environmental standards and regulations.
  • Procedures associated with gas network systems, controls and equipment.
  • Theory and principles underpinning the design and function of assets.

Core requirements (both roles): Skills

  • Risk assessments.
  • Installation, repair and restoration of gas network infrastructure assets.
  • Installation, test, purge and commission gas assets.
  • Replacement of emergency control valves.
  • Operation of powered tools and equipment for network operations.
  • Effective communication.
  • Analysis of information for good decision making.
  • Compliance with New Roads and Street Works Act.
  • Use of gas detection equipment.

Core requirements (both roles): Behaviours

  • Display a self-disciplined, self-motivated approach.
  • Deliver a polite, courteous professional service to customers and members of the public.
  • Work effectively when undertaking individual and team tasks and objectives.
  • Work with appropriate supervision, and when required under own initiative, to approved standards and safe work practices.
  • Undertake and complete work in a way that contributes to sustainable development.
  • Be risk aware and minimise risks to life, property and the environment when undertaking work activities.
  • Be quality focussed and professional in work and in personal standards.
  • Work safely with others and when working alone on site.
  • Recognise personal limitations and seek advice from fact holders and specialists when required.
  • Identify, organise and use resources effectively to complete tasks, with consideration for cost, quality, safety, security and environmental impact.
  • Accept responsibility for work of self and others.
  • Accept, allocate and supervise technical and other tasks.
  • Be aware of the needs and concerns of others, especially where related to diversity and equality.
  • Exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner.


A Team Leader in either of the roles within this apprenticeship has a number of potential progression opportunities including:

  • Craftsperson
    Building on the skills gained as either a Gas Service Layer, Main Layer or First Call Operative, take responsibility for undertaking and completing more complex technical activities.
  • First Line Manager
    To plan, undertake, and manage a team of engineers involved in a range of engineering operations to meet safety, time, cost and quality requirements.
  • Network Design Engineer
    Produce designs that meet statutory and industry recognised standards for additional gas network infrastructure, or increased gas load requirements.

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