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Courses for Confined Spaces safety including working in, safe entry and rescue training

Our range of confined spaces training covers all aspects of the working environment for those in Authorised Person and Competent Person positions, including an introduction into confined spaces, working within them, supervising others, managing safe systems of work, and emergency rescue and recovery. Designed for compliance with the requirements of JSP 375, our courses not only teach the theory of working in confined spaces safely, but also allow for practical, hands-on training.

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Confined Space Awareness
Management of Confined Spaces
Supervising Work in Confined Spaces
Working in Confined Spaces

Confined Spaces training using innovative techniques

With the importance of Health and Safety at the centre of each of our Confined Space Training Courses, selecting Develop Training as your course provider offers the reassurance that operatives, supervisors, managers and authorised persons working in confined spaces will be trained to the highest and safest possible standards.

We're among the UK's principal accredited providers of compliance, technical and safety training, with a trusted reputation in delivering superior quality confined spaces training, by combining well-devised practical exercises with appropriately executed theoretical teaching.

Our courses have been developed in line with JSP 375 requirements, as well as company Safety Rules and Procedures where required. Courses provide support for those in Authorised Person roles in order to help ensure that a safe system of work is in place.

Providing accreditation across industry sectors

Within our range of confined spaces training courses, there is an appropriate programme to accredit every skill or authority level, from operatives and supervisors, to managers and administrative staff.

Sectors including the Water Industry, Healthcare, MoD and Telecommunications all return to Develop Training to provide their staff with the knowledge and safe practice needed to be accredited to work within confined space environments. However, our range of courses are suitable for any industry and we can tailor programmes to suit your industry specific requirements.

CABWI certification for Working in Confined Spaces

Develop have courses for Working in Low Risk, Medium Risk or High Risk confined spaces. These courses will enable learners to develop the essential underpinning skills and knowledge required and to pass a competency based assessment. The assessment addresses entry requirements and self-rescue procedures, with certification under the CABWI Awarding Body's Level 2 and 3 Awards in Confined Spaces.

UK-wide training centres

We deliver our training at our UK-wide training centres including; Derby, York, Swindon & Linlithgow. However, we also have a Mobile Confined Space Unit, and are able to do on-site training at locations with the correct facilities.

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