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Gas Network Electrical Modules 2, 3 & 4 - Electrical Authorisation (Blended) training

These courses are specific to the Gas Networks which operate in the UK. They are designed to fulfil the requirements of EL6 and are a requirement if electrical authorisation for work involves working on or near electrical equipment.

  • GNEM2(V): Statutory & Company Requirements - 2.5 days
  • GNEM3(V): Operational Site Familiarisation - 1 day
  • GNEM4(V): Site Working Practices - 0.5 day virtually + 0.5 day practical

Benefits of attending for the learner

A delegate will gain an overview of the policies and regulations to which the Gas Network adhere to, why they are important to implement and who is covered by them. These are a requirement of EL6 and are used to show competence in regards to working safely.

Benefits of attending for the employer

To ensure that employees are aware of company and HSE safety regulations and policies and can work effectively by compiling with them in the workplace. These courses are undertaken every 5 years as part of the EL6 authorisation process.

What you will learn

  • The Electricity at Work Regulation 1989.
  • EL6 - Management Procedure for Working On or Near Electrical Systems and Equipment at Operational Gas Sites.
  • EL13 - Specification for Earthing.
  • SHE11 - Management Procedure for PPE.
  • Maint11/12 - Work Instructions with respect to electrical/instrumentation maintenance.
  • Operational site familiarisation.
  • Assessed practical safe isolation process.
  • General site rules.
  • The requirement of maintenance records.

What qualifications will you achieve?

Learners will receive a certificate of attendance from Develop Training Limited.

How is this training delivered?

  • These courses are delivered via virtual classroom & have a multichoice assessments at the end.
  • GNEM4 also includes a practical assessment, which has to be completed in-centre.

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