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Gas Network Instrumentation Modules (GNIMs) training

These courses are designed to give the delegate an overview of the various aspects of the instrumentation that is typical on the Gas Network. These courses are designed for apprentices/adult learners, or anyone wanting to gain knowledge of instrument systems.

  • GNIM1: SCADA and Telemetry Systems (2 days)
  • GNIM2: Metering and Process Variables (3 days)
  • GNIM3: Flow Weighted Average CV (2 days)
  • GNIM5: Control Systems (1 day)
  • GNIM6: Correctors and Data Loggers (1 day)
  • GNIM7: Functional Safety (1 day)

Benefits of attending for the learner

A delegate will gain an awareness of the equipment found on the Gas Network and how it operates. They will also gain an insight into typical faults that may occur and best maintenance practises that are required.

Benefits of attending for the employer

To ensure that employees are given training on the systems that are in place in the Gas Network and to ensure employees recognise the importance of maintenance of equipment. The understanding of how the various systems work together will help with the diagnosis of faults and how to remedy faults quickly.

These courses have to be refreshed in line with company's internal policies.

What you will learn

The courses use various documents including:

  • Maint 12 - Company work instructions for instrumentation systems.
  • Gas Acts - legislation which govern the gas industry.
  • ISO standards - relevant for various aspects of the instrument systems.
  • Manufactures instructions.

The training will give a delegate an overview of the equipment and systems they are likely to come across on the Gas Network, guidance on typical faults they may encounter, instruction on how to perform maintenance and calibration of the equipment and systems.

What qualifications will you achieve?

Learners will receive a certificate of attendance from Develop Training Limited.

How is this training delivered?

  • These courses are delivered in a classroom environment and have end assessments.
  • GNIM2 and GNIM 6 also include practical assessments.

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