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Accredited training programmes for Leadership and Management skills

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Training approach

DTL understands the need for companies across all sectors to provide practical training to employees making the transition from operative to supervisor, and from supervisor to manager.

Whether you are a senior leader or just starting out on your management or leadership journey, our comprehensive range of courses are all designed to take you to next level. Our philosophy is very simple - great managers and leaders create great environments to work, which in turn produces profitable and productive organisations, with wellbeing at the top of the agenda.

All of DTL's three day management training programmes include Real-Play scenarios with trained actors, reflecting situations that delegates encounter every day in the workplace. This approach provides clients with practical training courses that are matched to the organisation and learner needs, with post-course evaluation to assess if the skills are remembered and implemented, or if further training is required.

Progress and support employees

DTL's Leadership & Management programmes are designed to progress and support employees from a variety of backgrounds, to increase their management and communication skills and mould them into effective leaders.

With training centres across England, Ireland and Scotland, and a dedicated team of offsite trainers, DTL offers flexibility, at a location to suit.

Delivery teams are experienced and take a collaborative approach to create truly bespoke training solutions aligned to the specific requirements of the business. As well as bespoke courses, DTL have a comprehensive set of, off-the-shelf one day courses designed to focus on essential learning points for immediate implementation in the workplace.

As the UK's largest Health, Safety and Compliance training organisation, DTL's Leadership & Management programmes can also be delivered alongside technical training to support wider learning and development.

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