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Safety training courses for awareness, legislation, working and managing safely

Having a workforce that is competent with health and safety practices is known to reduce the risk of accidents and the associated business costs. We provide a range of essential safety training courses to keep your workforce safe when carrying out their daily duties. Our accredited safety courses are suitable for any industry and can be tailored to any sector, including Water, Healthcare, MoD or Telecommunications.

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Accreditation and competence in safety standards

Health and Safety training is at the heart of what we do, with focus on ensuring all training is carried out to the highest possible safety level and that all appropriate risk awareness has been assessed before delivery of training.

It is well understood that ensuring a workforce is knowledgeable and competent in safe practices reduces the risk of accidents and their associated business costs. At Develop Training, the application of UK health and safety principles underpins all training solutions. Please check the courses on this page which are dedicated to the delivery of health and safety.

Safety working at height

Almost every week there is a report of a death or serious injury of people working at height. Poor assessment of risk, and inadequate control measures, leading to hundreds of shattered lives. At Develop Training everything we do is underpinned by safety, to raise awareness of the things you should be considering before commencing work at height.

Working with asbestos

There are duties placed upon employers in UK law to protect their employees from the risks posed by asbestos. Practical precautions and training exists that can help protect workers from asbestos dangers - a lot of which we offer at Develop Training.

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