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Training courses for Streetworks Operatives and Supervisors

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Providing mandatory NRSWA training courses, at every level

Streetworks training is compulsory for any person working on or adjacent to the public highways, and is the legal route to achieving essential qualifications - which often must be renewed every five years.

Selecting the right New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) training course or combination of courses to enable operatives and supervisors to work safely and effectively on public highways is straight forward with Develop Training. You can trust in our capability to devise and appropriately update a comprehensive range of NRSWA training courses and reassessments, each of which complies with the Streetworks 1992 Traffic Management Act.

At Develop Training we've designed courses to meet the training needs of every streetworks discipline; from signing, lighting and guarding, to reinstating the highways, dropping a kerb, and locating and avoiding underground apparatus.

Within our range of NRSWA training courses, there is an appropriate programme to accredit every skill level, from operatives to supervisors, managers and administrative staff.

Delivering streetworks training in the most effective locations

Our NRSWA training courses can be taught within a company premises (*), providing an effective and economical route to skill-building, together with the opportunity for tailored training that can be made applicable to company-specific procedures.

In addition, we offer a nationwide schedule of 'open NRSWA training courses', held within purpose built centres situated throughout the UK. Each centre operates using the latest streetworks training equipment, so learners benefit from practical, hands-on-experience in real working scenarios. Feedback from our learners shows that they highly value the opportunity to practice the skills learned.

* C&G accreditation will not be included.

Updating courses, improving skill

We work hard to meet the mandatory requirements of the NRSWA (New Roads and Street Works Act), so all our dedicated streetworks training courses are regularly updated to qualify with traffic management training standards and assessment prerequisites; enabling your staff to be competent, and your company to be compliant.

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